Disclaimer/Privacy Policy


All posts that I have collaborated on with either another Blogger or Brand will be marked with a disclaimer usually at the bottom of the post.

If I claim it as a sponsored ad that means I have been paid by the brand to create a post but all opinions and thoughts will always be my own.

All content and imagery is written and provided by myself unless stated other wise either in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post or a guest post. If you wish to use any of my imagery please contact me and we can discuss further.

If a review is written on a gifting basis that means I have not been paid for the product but have been sent it to review instead with again a disclaimer being on the bottom of the blog post.

Some posts may contain affiliate links, which is a link to buy products, I will receive a small commission for this but as no extra cost to the buyer and again all posts will have a disclaimer.

Privacy Policy