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Can you really afford a dog?

Have your kids been badgering you for a pet recently? If so, they’ve probably been asking you for a dog, so that they can have a new playmate in the family. It’s true that dogs…

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3 Questions That Allow You To Find The Perfect Gift For Anyone

When buying gifts for the people in your life, there are occasional golden moments when you know exactly what to buy. You think of the person, your mind immediately provides a suggestion, and you buy…

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How to deal with an anxious dog.

It’s hard enough managing our own anxieties, but if you’re a dog owner with an anxious dog, then your stress level is going to go into overdrive trying to care for their frayed feelings as…

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Choosing the perfect Sat Nav with

Last week you might remember I wrote about the fact that I had passed my driving test? Well I haven’t got my car yet but that hasn’t stopped me getting all the essentials I need…

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What Should Parents Do To Deal With Dog Bites?

Children love spending time around animals, but many of them are yet to learn about the dangers they face when playing with dogs that belong to strangers. Still, that doesn’t stop the little ones from…

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