Can you really afford a dog?

Can you really afford a dog?

Have your kids been badgering you for a pet recently? If so, they’ve probably been asking you for a dog, so that they can have a new playmate in the family. It’s true that dogs make great pets – not only will the love to play with your kids, but they will also be loyal to you and will ensure you get out for some exercise every day. However, there is one major downside to them – they can be very expensive!


You need to make sure that you can afford a dog before you do commit to getting one. Otherwise, once the pet becomes a drain on your bank balance, you might not be able to offer it all the care it needs. Not sure if you can afford a dog? Here are all the expenses you will need to cost up before you make the decision.






One of the main expenses you will have once you get a dog is its food. There are lots of different varieties and brands of dog food, so you will certainly be able to find some that will fit into your budget. However, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, you might need to buy some specialist food, such as gluten-free dog food. This can be slightly more expensive than standard food.




It’s important to keep your dog well-groomed so that they don’t suffer from any skin conditions and that they don’t end up too smelly! If you go for a long-haired breed, such as an Old English Sheepdog or a Yorkshire Terrier, you will need to get them groomed quite often. Depending on how much you want to treat your dog to a luxurious groom, this could, of course, bump up the expense.


Vet Bills


Whenever your dog falls ill, you’ll need to take them to the nearest vet clinic so that they can be examined and given the right kind of treatment. In order to keep the cost of vet bills down, it’s necessary to take out pet insurance. This type of insurance can be very cheap, and will be a lot less than needing to pay the whole vet bill yourself, especially if your dog ever needs surgery or another expensive treatment.



Dog Equipment


Don’t forget that you will need to buy quite a bit of equipment so that your new dog can be comfortable in your home. At the very least, they will need a comfy bed and a lead so that you can take them out on walks. It’s also a good idea to buy a few dog toys so that they can entertain themselves and play with the kids.




One final expense that some dog owners have to consider is putting their dog up in kennels when they go away on holiday. Of course, if you can leave your pet with a friend or family member while you are away, you won’t have to worry about this.

a sitting dog

So, do you think you can afford a dog?

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