3 Questions That Allow You To Find The Perfect Gift For Anyone

3 Questions That Allow You To Find The Perfect Gift For Anyone

When buying gifts for the people in your life, there are occasional golden moments when you know exactly what to buy. You think of the person, your mind immediately provides a suggestion, and you buy with complete confidence that your choice will be received with delight.


Unfortunately, these golden moments are incredibly rare. For the most part, buying gifts is an incredibly difficult task. You want to find the right item, but you find you’re struggling, unable to make a final decision.


Thankfully, all you need to do is ask yourself three simple questions to overcome your gift-buying stalemate…


“What have I bought this person before?”


Wherever possible, gifts should be original or, at least, not an exact duplication. There’s no harm in relying on a general theme for gifting; for example, if you gift socks one year, that doesn’t rule out all clothing in the future – it just rules out socks specifically.


“What does this person need?”


Many people shy away from gifting items that a person needs, as it can feel as though gifts should be frivolous and fun rather than satisfying a basic requirement. However, for the recipient, receiving a gift that they genuinely have a use for is actually extremely heartwarming. They will appreciate the fact that you have thought about their life and how it can be improved. While gifting someone a coffee maker or a notebook might not seem particularly exciting, it is helpful, and shows that you have put particular thought into ensuring you find something that suits their life.


However, it should be noted that “need” gifts are very dependant on the person. Some people will prefer to receive lighthearted, fun gifts only, preferring to make their own choices in regards to the items they actually require. As a result, opting for a “need” gift depends heavily on how well you know the individual and how they will respond to such a gift. If an obvious, easily-purchased item doesn’t immediately spring to mind when contemplating what a person needs, it may be best to explore other routes instead.


“What does this person enjoy?”


There are two reasons that contemplating what a person enjoys in life can produce the best gift idea for that individual.


First and foremost, you are demonstrating your understanding of that person; the fact that you know their preferences and what they are interested in. Secondly, the item is likely to be something they will genuinely be delighted with. Basically, it’s a win/win.


Thankfully, there are thousands of different options to choose from when contemplating this type of gift. You can opt for a subscription to a music streaming service for an audiophile, poster gifts for anyone who loves traveling, or simple options such as a mug depicting the logo of their favourite TV show. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that having prioritised their specific interests will result in a gift that is extremely gratefully received.


In conclusion

By asking yourself the three questions above, you should be able to enjoy a far simpler gift-buying process in future – good luck!

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