Choosing the perfect Sat Nav with

Choosing the perfect Sat Nav with

Last week you might remember I wrote about the fact that I had passed my driving test?

Well I haven’t got my car yet but that hasn’t stopped me getting all the essentials I need ready for the day those wheels enter my life.

I’m not often a logical shopper, so my first purchases were a CD holder, a seat belt for the dog,  and some Big hero 6 air fresheners. I know what you’re thinking, wow what a grown up! I’m great with my priorities what can I say?

One thing that completely slipped my mind into getting was a sat nav. We’ve got so many adventures planned. I was planning on just using google maps on my phone but I really dislike having my phone near me when I’m driving.

I don’t like spending money unless I really have too and I don’t particularly like spending anything over £30 if I’m brutally honest. However when it comes to something that is going to help us go on adventures and not get lost somewhere, I’m prepared to save and spend a few more pennies.

Money is tough for a lot of us right now and something I know we all love is a bargain, a deal or a sale! I’ve seen people queue at crazy times in the morning to go grab the latest deal but I discovered a little gem.

A website FULL of the latest deals where you get to sit at home in the comfort of your pjs, SOUND THE WOOP WOOP CLAXON. is great they have everything from leading retailers at great prices. When I started thinking about Sat Nav’s I didn’t really take into account how many different brands there were. My family have always used Tom Tom. So I decided I was going to stick with what I know.

One of my favourite things about the Tom Tom are the accents, I remember years ago my mother was in Southampton hospital and my stepdad used the australian accent. It made a very sad trip a little bit lighter. The quote was something along the lines of “tell all those back seat drivers to be quiet it’s time to cruise”

I didn’t realise how many deals for Sat Nav’s there are, also how good their prices are, they have a deal from a large retailer that saves a massive £60! which for us that discount makes an absolute huge difference!

I think its safe to say a lot of my online shopping will be done now with

What are you must have car accessories? Is there anything I have missed?

Will you be shopping with Latest deals? If you do I’d love to know what you get.

Kerry xxx

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