What Should Parents Do To Deal With Dog Bites?

What Should Parents Do To Deal With Dog Bites?

Children love spending time around animals, but many of them are yet to learn about the dangers they face when playing with dogs that belong to strangers. Still, that doesn’t stop the little ones from giving their furry friends some attention when they visit the local park or somewhere similar. If something goes wrong and the animal becomes annoyed; there is a chance they could lash out and bite your child. If that happens; you need to know how to deal with the situation. So, grab a cup of coffee, read this post, and make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality.

Get some details from the dog owner

Before you do anything else, it is critical that you get some details from the dog owner. You need to know how to get in touch with them because there is a chance you might decide to get an attorney and take that person to court. Of course, you should only do that if your child was not to blame for the incident, and you have concerns the animal could pose a threat to other kids in the future. The dog owner will probably give you all the information you require because they will feel guilty about the incident. Also, be sure to take some photos of both the injury and the dog in case you decide to raise a compensation claim.

Wash the wound straight away

Dogs have a lot of harmful bacteria in their mouths, and so there is a reasonable chance your loved one might have to deal with an infection if you don’t clean the wound quickly enough. Grab a bottle of water from the nearest shop if there are no other options on the table and pour the liquid over the bite. If you can get to a chemist; ask the staff to clean and dress the wound using the materials they have at hand. Hopefully, that should help to prevent any infections before you reach the hospital.

Take your child to the hospital

Even if you think the dog bite isn’t too severe; it is still critical that you take your little one to see doctors at the hospital. They can then take a look at the bite and provide you with some proper infection-beating medication. If the injury is significant, make sure you ask for copies of any medical reports those professionals create because the judge will want to see them if you decide to take the dog owner to court.

If you follow all the advice on this page when dealing with a dog bite; you should manage to help your child to recover in the fastest time possible. You should also have all the proof and information you require to bring a successful case against the person who did not control their pet. If your child was to blame because they annoyed the dog and wouldn’t leave it alone after many warnings; it is unfair to take the owner to court. In that instance, hope your child learns their lesson.

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