I passed my driving test!

I passed my driving test!

I passed my driving test! Ok I actually passed it back in June. ALWAYS CONSISTENT WITH MY WRITING GUYS!

For Christmas last year my stepdad, surprised me with money for driving lessons, he told me that his plan is to get me on the road by the end of this year and before we move to Hartlepool, which is on hold for while now. Super thankful for that fellow.

When it came to choosing my driving instructor I already knew who I was going with. Lets go back a few years, I was working for a well known insurance company and one of my colleagues was a lady called Emily.

We both did our training at the same time and quickly became friends, lunch time pub trips with a cheeky glass of wine used to be our thing. Anyway long story short when I left the company, She left not long after to become a driving instructor. We kind of lost contact over the 5 years but I caught up with her when she was teaching my other friend to drive.

Anyway back to Christmas day, when I discussed driving lessons with my parents I mentioned that I might like to learn automatic, because I have carpal tunnel in my wrists, I thought it’d be easier.

They talked me round into learning in a manual. Their logic was well just try and we’ll see how you get on. So it was time to book my lessons! 

I shared my card on instagram and tagged Emily saying its time to learn!!

When I was 17 I had some lessons but my previous instructor thought it’d be a good idea to slap my leg when I called another driver a stupid fuck. they cut me up! So I decided not to continue with him. So I have some previous driver experience. 

Emily starts her lessons off in the same way, she takes people to a quiet patch known to locals as learner land. This is where you practice, corners, breaking, getting up to 20/30mph and just getting to grips with the car.

Despite knowing Emily it’s incredible how quickly she can make you feel at ease with driving, We had a lesson that was an absolute shit show because I wore different shoes. Who knew different shoes could affect driving! Thankfully it was during the time we were still driving around learner land and doing roundabouts. Thankfully not out on the ‘main’ roads.

I should introduce the wheels.. Roz as named by me I also named her old car Flo because it was pissing it down with rain one day when she was driving me home from work and I CANT SEE FLO came to life. 

So Roz, Is a toyota Yaris and shes’ everything a learner needs, comfortable, dual controls, such a nice car to drive!

Within the first few weeks of driving it was time to start practicing for my theory test, I had bought a disk but it didn’t like life much, so I had to rely on Emily a little bit more and this became the hazard game. 

The hazard game is pretty simple and goes like this: If you see something that could be a hazard, I.e. a cyclist, car door, lorry etc you simply shout, HAZARD. It was something that carried on after I passed my theory because it’s good to keep your awareness up.  

I passed my theory on my technically 2nd attempt. My 1st attempt was when I was learning with my old instructor, but I failed that and it would of ran out by now even if I had passed.

So theory was done and it was full on lessons I was having roughly two hours a week because I wanted to get more covered in my lessons. Our lessons were often spent having a good old girly gossip, singing the theme tune to team America for some reason & lots of catching up.

Since I first started to learn how to drive they have changed the test meaning things had changed, there was no more reversing around corners, Thank god, instead it was learning how to reverse in a straight line or bay parking. Turns in the road are no longer in the test but something she taught me because it’s something drivers need to know.

Emily would make sure that we covered at least one of these in every lesson, She also gives such attention to detail with learning style and won’t push you into doing anything until you are ready. Such an important trait in an instructor.


I had first booked my test for May, I failed but something Emily told me from the moment we started discussing tests was to plan to pass on your second time because if you fail first time round, it’ll be ok because you’ve set your mind to pass second time and if you pass first time, win win! 

Having that in my mind made failing a little easier of course it sucked but it just meant I could try again. 

I had two weeks away from driving booked back in for 5 more lessons meaning that we could cover the issues I failed on and just tidy things up.


Test day round two, I had booked it for  3:33 pm, there was method in my logic, school run! I had such a lovely examiner called Michelle who made the whole test process a complete dream, she was calm and asked questions to keep it friendly. She told me I had passed and it was the best day! 

I’m so glad I decided not to learn automatic and go with Emily, I would recommend her to everyone I know who’s planning on taking their test!

If you live in the Bournemouth or Poole area and are looking to drive. Look no further than Emily. 

Her details can be found via her facebook page at Learn to drive with Emily. Never hesitate to call her and she will tell you everything she provides!


Hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to get a car and some real adventures begin. Couldn’t of done it without my pal!

Kerry xxx


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