Ideas To Stay Sane This Summer Holidays

Ideas To Stay Sane This Summer Holidays

The summer holidays for the children is just around the corner, and you can almost hear the silent screams of parents all over the globe wondering what they are going to do with their little bundles of joy over the next six weeks. As you probably know, children get bored quickly and if you’re not prepared for the summer holidays, you can end up one stressed out parent. There’s only so many times that bribery will work so what’s the next step? Take a look at these fabulous ideas to stay sane this summer holidays!


A small child playing on the swings,

Take them to the park

If there’s one thing that all children love no matter what age they are, it’s the park. Why not pack a picnic and head to your local park for hours of endless fun and the perfect chance to capture some amazing photos of your lovelies having the time of their lives? Remember to pack an ice pack in with your picnic to keep everything fresh and cold for you and the kids!

Encourage craft time

Another thing that all kids love is arts and crafts. The chance to get themselves covered from head to toe in glitter, glue and acrylic paint is just irresistible for children! Why not create a project together and give everyone a craft glue gun so that you’re able to stick and make something amazing for you to all admire in your home? Perhaps you’ll create an ornament each or even muck in together and make a beautiful canvas for you wall.

Join in with their favourite activities

Sometimes what makes a hobby even more special is when someone you love joins in with you, so why not join in with your kids favourite activities? Maybe your children are into the super popular app Pokémon GO? Take your children out for long walks in unusual places so that they (and you) can literally catch them all! Or, perhaps your children are into super mario on the Wii U? Why not challenge them to a game and let them show off their skills! It’s always more fun when Mum and Dad join in and who knows, you may just have a wail of a time!

Bake cakes together

Who doesn’t like cakes? Silly question really! Why not experiment with your children and bake a range of different cakes over the course of the six weeks? It will teach them valuable cooking skills and also have the delicious treat of eating your amazing creations too!

Do some gardening

Finally, why not take advantage of this glorious weather and get the kids out in the garden to do a spot of gardening? Whether you’re planting new flowers or building them a new den to play in, your kids will love being involved in helping make the garden a nicer place to be! Just remember to get some before and after photos so that you can all admire your work!


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