Going self hosted?

Going self hosted?

I did it, I finally took the plunge and went self hosted!

Okay, I actually took the plunge back in April, I’ve been meaning to write about this for weeks but I’ve been super busy! 

Okay, I’ve actually been spending a lot of time reading and trying not to melt in this heatwave, but thats not the point.

I decided after a year of blogging it was time to say goodbye to good old free wordpress paying £30 a year for the privilege of owning my domain and not much else.

It worked for a while but I needed to up my game. If I wanted to work with brands or use my site to earn some pennies, I needed to change my plan, Most companies you sign up for won’t even let you register if you’re on wordpress.com so that was quite a good motivational tool.

Web Hosting

I originally signed up to Blue host but felt that we weren’t compatible and I didn’t have a very good customer experience. So I cancelled my plan and went back to the drawing board whilst waiting an agonising month for the refund.

I spent the whole month doing my research on what host I felt best suited what I was looking for and decided to go with Siteground.

Reasons I chose Siteground

The first reason simply was affordability, the plan I’m on costs £40 a year for everything and then I had to pay an additional £11 to renew my domain and move it to them.

It moves you away from wordpress.com to wordpress.org seamlessly, they have a really helpful team of staff who make you feel at ease through the whole transition.

Downtime wasn’t very long I think my site was down for about 2 hours whilst they got everything done their side.

They do everything for you.

I also collaborated with a lovely lady called Laura who helped set up my SSL certificate set up, added my theme to the blog, which I bought from Pipdig during the first self hosting attempt and the lasting bits and bobs to get my site fully functioning.


Going self hosted is probably one of the first blogger plunges, it’s a little scary at first and I questioned myself constantly on whether I had made the right decision or not but for me it was totally right.


Are you thinking of going self hosted? Are you yet to take the plunge let me know!


Kerry xxx



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