Mummy, can we have a pet?

Mummy, can we have a pet?

When you have kids, it is difficult to avoid the constant questions and whining about pets. 

we’re quite lucky that we had the pets before we had the baby but thinking back to when I was a child.


Mummy, can we have a dog?

What if I promise to take care of it?

Mummy, can I have a cat for my birthday?

And so on.


If in your adult life you’ve happily managed without a pet, having a child can make you reconsider your choices – forcibly, and preferably preceding a tantrum, but nevertheless, you can’t ignore the pet demands for any longer. So, which animal would be right for your family? After all, not every family can adopt a Labrador – the favourite dog breed in the UK. You need to consider other options too.



You love the outdoors and you’ve got a big garden

If you have enough space, a dog is a fantastic companion for your family. If you’ve never had a pet before, you can find a handy guide on how to start your new life as a dog owner. A dog is a dependent creature that will need some time to adapt to its new surroundings. It’s important to be patient and let them know that they’re at home and cared for. Make sure as well to plan daily walks outside, at least once a day, to give your dog some exercise.


You want a sweet companion without long-term commitment

While a dog is a sweet pet, you may not be ready to commit to a long-term relationship – most breeds can live over 15 years if you take good care of them. Instead, you can opt for small animals that are easier to care for, such as a hamster or a rabbit. If you have a garden, you can keep your rabbit outside during the warm season with a hutch. Here’s a good guide on these. Hamsters and other small mammals need to be kept indoors at most times, as they tend to escape their cages easily.  



You want your independence

Finally, you can find comfort with a cat, especially if you have to work long hours. A cat is naturally more independent than a dog and doesn’t react with anxiety when left on its own for a prolonged period. This isn’t to say that cats can’t show signs of affection – many cats develop close relationships with their families. But they are better equipped to cope with loneliness during long days. Additionally, it’s fair to remember that you don’t need a garden to own a cat, as you can let your cat roam freely in the streets and establish its territory.



You’re not a pet person, but you want to do good

Last, but not least, what if you don’t have time to look after a pet? After all, a family with small children needs a lot of attention, and it’s not easy to bring a new family member in if you’re not used to caring for an animal. You can have a look for a sanctuary that lets you adopt an animal – the donkey sanctuary is a fantastic place for young children – and visit it. Your child will receive regular updates from the animal too.

Which pet is right for you depends on your personality and spare time and space. From a dependent dog to an adopted donkey, you can find various degrees of dependence, needs, care and relationships that will suit your family.

If you think you’re ready for a 4 legged friend in your life Kids, Cuddles and Muddy Puddles has got you covered on the benefits of having a dog.





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