4 Genius ways to promote outside of the classroom learning

4 Genius ways to promote outside of the classroom learning

Now, I’m not going to get into the home education versus school system debate here, as it’s something I’ve address in other posts. Instead, this article will be all about the various way that you can promote a love of learning in your children outside of the traditional classroom environment. Read on to find out more.

Bedtime stories

Most parents love to read their little ones a story at bedtime. After all, it’s such an excellent way to connect and bond with your child. However, it can also be a great way to foster in them a real love of both literature and stories, and love of learning in general.

In particular, let your little one take the lead when it comes to choosing books, even if they are ones that you feel like you have read a million time before. Also, encourage them to read either with you or to you when they get old enough, so you can help them to sound out words as this will help them to reach advanced reading level early on.

Trips and days out

Another genius way that you can promote your child’s learning outside of the classroom is to take them on as many trips and outings as possible. In fact, trips to the outside world are particularly important because they provide education on essential things such as safety, and when your kids get older; budgeting and exploration as well.

Also, if you encourage a love of outside world in them when they’re young who knows where they may end up travelling to as they mature? Perhaps you will end up sending them on school trips to China, Japan, or somewhere equally as further afield? Places where they can learn about another culture and broaden their horizons, something that can hold a lot of value for their development as a person in the long term.

Educational TV shows

Yes, educational TV shows do exist, and no, you are not a parent if you set your kids down in front of them to watch. Anything nature related like Blue Planet is a fantastic way to introduce the natural world to your child.  Although, do be aware many of these program show things that animals do such as reproduce and hunt and kill prey, so they might be not suitable for a younger audience.

Then there is the historical type of programmes like the 1970’s House that will provide your child with a glimpse into the past. Probably in a way that is much more relatable and lively than reading about it in a textbook, so don’t rule out educational TV as a valid way to promote your child learning outside of the classroom.

Answers those incessant questions

Lastly, anyone with a child that has started to speak knows that their favourite thing to do is ask questions. A Lot of them! Questions like why is the sky blue? Why do we have houses with walls, and how come penguins and polar bears don’t get cold?

Of course, it’s vital that you attempt to answer these for your little ones, as this is how they learn about the world. Luckily, for this generation of parents, an accurate answer is only ever moment away with Google. Something that means we can easily encourage our children’s’ love of learning outside of the classroom, no matter what the topic.



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