Why I’m no longer on the implant.

Why I’m no longer on the implant.

It’s not what you’re thinking.

A few weeks ago I wrote a catch up post and mentioned that I had written about how I had the implant removed.

When I wrote it, I expected a few comments of “does this mean you’re planning for another?” I got more than a few so I thought It was time to write this post.



If it happens then wonderful and we’ll come to that if it happens but the main reason I had it removed was based on how crap it made me feel.

I decided to go for the implant at the fun 8 week post-partum check up with the doctor. You know where they check how the war zone is going. It’s usually around the time of babies first vaccination.

Anyway I chose the implant because I had read some horror stories about the coil and injection, also I’m rubbish at taking tablets so it just seemed like the most logical option.

In the year and a half it was in my system, I went from being someone who would happily go out, who was getting a grip on her post baby weight. To a fat, spotty recluse.

It turned me into someone I didn’t know anymore and someone I don’t think Adam really liked either.

So I decided enough was enough. That rod was coming out of my arm and sharpish.

We had so many discussions about what we should do, should he get the snip? He said if he did he wouldn’t get it reversed and whilst we don’t want another baby right now we don’t feel like our family is 100% complete yet.


The one thing that struck me though when I came off the implant, was my doctors incessant need to want me to go straight onto something else. Even though I made it crystal clear that I don’t want any more hormones in my body even if it is just for a little while.

When I mentioned Adam would likely wrap it up. She was shocked, the way she was going on it was like I had punched a hobbit.

Why is the need to make sure we’re protected on me? I mean CIS men don’t have periods, they can’t give birth. Forever wishing I was a seahorse.

So there it is for now we’re a family of three and when the day comes we decide to grow the brood you’ll be first to know here.


Kerry xxx


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  1. Soraia
    June 15, 2018 / 9:21 am

    The implant did the same to me when i first had it put in back when i was 16/17, i had it removed and went onto the controceptive patch which made me the same level of crazy if not worse… I haven’t been on controcetion since about 2014… I monitor my ovulation periods by using an app which helps me decide when it’s safe. They asked me about contraception when i went in for my 6-8 week check up too and i explained this to them as well as having heavy and severe period pains (i went to hospital because 111 thought it was having a miscarriage once because of how much pain i was in) i can’t even have the copper coil 😂 and they couldn’t really give me any advice on which method to use so I’m just sticking to what is did before with the extra precaution of getting him to tap it up! I don’t want to get pregnant any time soon!

    • June 15, 2018 / 1:36 pm

      It’s crazy isnt it how they can really screw your body up!! That’s so crazy! What app do you use to monitor? I’ve heard some terrible things about the coil so probably a good thing you can’t! I mean we did the hard work it’s the least they can do to tap it up 😂😂

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