Being indoors doesn’t have to be boring.

Being indoors doesn’t have to be boring.

Welcome back lovelies! something I get asked a lot of Harper gets bored because I struggle going out with my anxiety.

The honest answer is I don’t think so, whilst we do spend a lot of time in doors we’re never just sitting around, unless of course we’re watching a film.

In all honesty as awful as it sounds I think it’s just something she is used too now up until she was 4 months old we were all out all of time, that isn’t something she would remember now and yes it is habit that hopefully we’re soon going to break.

I thought I would share 5 activities that we get up too indoors to stop us climbing up the walls.

Sensory play – This is probably one of Harpers favourite activities because it is never the same thing. We use a selection of food, toys and even ball pit balls. I’ve been intending on buying Harper a tough tray but I don’t have much space in our flat so I tend to use either the bath or a wipeable mat.

Arts and crafts – Harper LOVES colouring, rarely on paper though it’s normally something that she shouldn’t be drawing on but she sends her self into her own little world, It’s so cute to watch. We tried making a family hand print a little while ago but that ended up a disaster.

Interactive apps- ah the third parent! I’ve come to accept children of this era to keep up need tech. Whilst sometimes I just leave her too it (like now for instance where she’s listening to Frozen in french whilst I type this post) We have lots of interactive apps on my phone meaning we spend a lot of time sat together, which means we get to bond and try to boost her education at the same time.

Dance party- we love music in our home and dance parties are a brilliant way to burn off some of our energy during the day. All it takes is the Hawaiian roller coaster ride to come on and we’ve got our groove.

Involving her with house chores – This one is more something I try on a whim most days. Harper tends to like destruction more than helping me out. Occasionally she likes to help with putting the laundry away and even the hoovering. For the longest time she was terrified of the hoover. It wasn’t until someone suggested getting her, her own hoover she got over it. She now makes a game of how much can I hoover before she switches it off.

What do you do when you’re inside all day? I’d love to know in the comments!

Love Kerry xxx


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  1. May 28, 2018 / 2:49 pm

    We love playing restaurant or store with the play food. We also do yoga together in the mornings. And lots and lots of LEGO towers!

    • May 28, 2018 / 3:02 pm

      Ooh! That sound fun! I’d love to try Yoga with H but she’s not very good at staying still haha! Lego is the best though! So many things can be made x

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