Home Bargains Prestige Flowers – Review.

Home Bargains Prestige Flowers – Review.

Something magical happened last Friday, I received the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers through the post!

The reason it was so magical is simple really in my 24 years of life it’s the first flower delivery I’ve ever received. Throwing absolutely no shade here if you’re reading Adam.. Ahem.

So I’m going to be honest I was totally overwhelmed because they were gorgeous! White roses with a selection of yellow flowers. They really pay attention and they had these gorgeous purple blooms in there which if you know me purple is my favourite colour. (If you hadn’t guessed I’m no good with names)

They even came with a little vase, that I’m ashamed to admit I got really excited about. It’s the little things in life for me you see.

I love having flowers around the house, I usually just have some daffodils for spring and I’ll pick up a cheap bunch from our local store, I’ll admit its tricky having flowers around with a grabby toddler but I still love the pop of colour when we have them.

Boquet of Flowers with a card thanking me for taking part.

Somewhere I’ve never thought of buying flowers from simply because I didn’t know they had a range was Home Bargains!

I love Home Bargains and spend many an afternoon there, Harper loves it and we spend far too much time in the toy section. Parents you’ll also know shopping with a toddler is not for the faint hearted and you’ll never leave with what you went in for.

However I am here to tell you that if you were unaware just like me they do have a range! My goodness its beautiful. They have such a large range of flowers and gifts and are you ready for the best part?


They have something to suit every budget with their gifts starting from £11.99 and their flowers starting from £14.99, with the option to make the bouquets larger or add gifts to your order at an additional cost. Worth it when you’re saving those pennies from delivery right?

These flowers have such a long vase life meaning you can have some beautiful blooms keeping you happy for a good few weeks.

Remember flowers MUST not be kept in direct sunlight. Adam put mine in the window on a very hot day and within ten minutes they were in desperate need of some water and tlc!

I’d love to know what your favourite flowers are and educated on some of the correct names! Other than the flower you normally get in a VW beetle haha!

Kerry xxx

winging it with harper logo

**Home Bargains Prestige flowers sent me a bouquet in return for a review all thoughts are my own**


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