Fussy Toddlers and Thin Patience.

Fussy Toddlers and Thin Patience.

Its happened, I have a fussy toddler.

When I envisioned having a child, I thought dinner times would be a doddle, fussy children are only other peoples children. I’m not going to have a fussy child.


Harper is a wild child, she knows what she wants and definitely what she doesn’t want. Now when this was applying to what she wanted to wear. It didn’t phase me if she wants to wear something then sure!

However now it applies to food and I am at my wits ends. I spend hours making sure, she has the right dinners, sometimes we have beige because beige is LIFE. However I am really trying to make sure she has all the right stuff. She’s just so FUSSY!

She disagrees, she believes the only way is beige. Our house represents a stand off every dinner time now. I’ve tried everything, making things from scratch, I’ve tried going back to here comes the airplane, she cries, I cry its a whole snotty mess.

I became my mother and tried the you’re not moving until you’ve eaten something. JUST EAT A CARROT CHILD PLEASE.

Then we tried our beloved Piccolo pouches. We were kindly gifted a box earlier in the year and they went down a storm, Harper literally could not get enough of them but this month is turning her nose up. She’ll love them again next month no doubt.

I have spent A LOT of time wondering if it’s her teeth I mean I know a lot of toddler dinner dramas are down to teeth but this. Well this next part is a kick in the tit.

SHE EATS FOR EVERYONE ELSE! Her Easter weekend was spent with my Dad and Step mum, the report when she got home went a little something like this. “She had broccoli, carrots, peas, mash, and all of the meat she was offered”

Toddlers are arseholes.

I know Lindsey from Me him the dog and a baby knows the fussy toddler struggle!

Kerry xx


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  1. April 9, 2018 / 9:20 pm

    Hahahha oh no. Mate, it’s so hard right??? One week Rosie eats loads and the next nothing!! I find I can generally bribe her with pudding…”do you want pudding?” “Yes please” “ok well then eat 5 more mouthfuls!” Most of the time it works !! But some days she will just throw a strop and cry… honestly trying to cook good wholesome food for both me and her is an actual nightmare…can’t wait until she’s out of the toddler phase!!

    • April 13, 2018 / 8:36 am

      Mate it’s the absolute worst! Harper won’t go for bribes she’ll just full on rage until she gets what she wants 🙈 I have a tiny teenager in disguise 😂
      Only a few more years left that’s all 😂

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