Learning to love my post partum hair.

Learning to love my post partum hair.

Since having Harper my hair has taken a battering, which when your body doesn’t look the same anymore it’s a bit of a kick in the tit when your hair starts falling out on you aswell. Like most parents I haven’t had my hair cut in a very long time.November 2016 yeah it’s been that long.However I decided I could put up with it, or do something about it. I’ve chosen the latter. I was unfortunate enough to inherit my dads hair, he’s now bald but before that he had very thin hair. My mother on the other hand could be part lion with the mane she’s got going on. ITS NOT FAIR! 

So I had two choices cut it myself and end up with some hideous mullet looking style or find something to give me a bit of confidence and deal with the hair loss at the same time. I recently came across the Glam & Style chopstick styler, apart from straightening my hair, when I was in my teens. I’ve not really done much else with it. So I was up for a challenge to make myself feel good. Since using it I can already see a huge difference in my hair, I mean yes it’s still falling out but weirdly not to the extent it first was. 

The reason I chose the glam and style chopstick styler is because of how beautiful it looks. The barrel is a beautiful rose gold colour with a black handle, making it look chic, beautiful and easy to use, it’s even got a little strap meaning that you can hang it out of the way of those tiny hands and save burning your carpet. We’ve all been there! 

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with having curly hair but it was never a reality for me, but with the chopstick styler I can now live this reality! When I first recieved it I worried that they would be super tight curls leaving me looking at bit like a Poodle in crufts but this really wasn’t the case! They fall so loosely and give that perfect natural curled look.  I find that the curls will hold for a couple of days meaning that as far as anyone is aware my hair is constantly curly unless it rains which is where it gets a bit tricky! Can’t go a day without talking about the weather anymore! My post baby hair isn’t what I wanted but thanks to glam and style I can finally learn to love that post partum hair & I should probably add getting a hair cut to my never ending to do list.

You can buy this product on Amazon.

Kerry xxx

**I was sent this product in return for an honest review. These are all my own opinions and haven’t been influenced by the brand or it’s affiliates**


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