Review: Toddler Fun Learning App.

Review: Toddler Fun Learning App.

Children and technology is something that divides opinions, with some stating that technology takes away the ‘magic’ of childhood whilst others state that we have to move with the times. I’m all for moving with the times but it has to be balanced. We allow Harper around 45 minutes on the tablet a day spread out in 15 minute segments throughout the day. (She is always supervised)

In the morning I like to let her loose on Youtube kids just so I can have a couple of seconds to get dressed, where she likes to watch other children play with toys whilst hers sit gathering dust. It’s not something I’ll ever understand, she’s happy though and quiet so i’ll take it. After her nap I like to take some time to do some early education with her, I think early education is so important and because of my struggles with social anxiety, Harper and I spend a lot of our time just the two of us so getting early education to her is vital to me. This is where Toddler Fun Learning App comes in, I have this app on my phone so I can sometimes use it whist we’re out but we are able to link it up to our TV so it’s something we can do together and I can make sure she isn’t get distracted by anything else going on. They have hundreds of videos on their app all dedicated to education for toddlers they have so many fun lovable characters.

Talking of adorable characters look at Pacca Alpaca!

The app covers everything I feel is important to early education, from Nursery rhymes, numbers, letters, shapes, healthy eating, days of the week. Everything on this app is so colourful and appealing I find myself getting into it more than Harper sometimes. Her current favourite videos are the number zoo collection, when we took her to Marwell zoo for herfirst birthday she fell in love with the Giraffes and Zebras so always gets excited when she sees them. That collection covers counting to 20, learning about zoo animals and many many more I’d be here all day If I carried on and that’s just One collection! We probably haven’t even watched half of them yet because they are just so many!

Animal Zoo on Toddler Fun Learning

Yesterday we discovered there was a yoga video on there which we have decided to start it’s so fun to be able to do things together and it’s still growing her mind as well as giving us some exercise, I mean there’s not much this app can’t do! Harper’s speech is coming on leaps and bounds since we started using Toddler Fun Learning she’s also now started pointing to things she recognises when we do get outside. It’s amazing in just a few months how much technology has really helped us.

Now parent, for the bit you’re really going to get excited about! You can control how long your little human is on there for. With Toddler Fun Learning parental controls you can decide how long the app will be used for and then you’ll be met with the goodbye song which is ADORABLE! So your little human will know that time is up. You’re still in control of their online time even if you’re just needing to nip to the loo. With the technology generation growing and growing it makes sense that we grow with it, and using technology for education is surely the best part right?

To download Toddler Fun Learning for yourselves just head to your App Store!

Video is to show you the wonders of child time management

Kerry xxx

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a free membership in return for my honest review, All views and opinions are mine and not influenced by the company or any affiliates in anyway.



  1. February 14, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    My nephew is probably a little young to learn from this, but I bet he’d enjoy it anyway. I’ll have to send the info to my sister!

    • February 14, 2018 / 4:35 pm

      It’s so good just for sensory too! The bright colours are incredible! I’m sure he’d love it too!

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