5 simple self care tips you can do everyday.

Self care is important not just for parents but for people in general, We seem to work ourselves to breaking point without actually taking time for ourselves, I’ve got 5 simple self care tips that you could do everyday and they won’t even touch your bank account. 

crystal+ball+sticker+6+good.jpg     1. Have an early night, simple right? Instead of staying up and watching just one more episode of something on Netflix, switch the TV off and get your butt into bed. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. 

2.  Turn your phone off for an hour. The thought of turning your phone off to some people just isn’t a reality but if you are in a situation where you can, just switch your phone off for an hour and take a bit of time for yourself, that email, Instagram post or twitter feed will still be there in an hour. 


3. Sit down and drink that tea, for me having a cup of tea when Harper is awake is just not a reality but when she goes for a nap sometimes I’ll remember that sometimes things can wait and I’ll sit down with a hot cuppa. 

4. Go for a walk, again this is a tricky one for some people but if you ever find yourself alone with an hour to spare grab your dog (if you have one), headphones, your favourite podcast or playlist and get outside. If like me, you struggle with social anxiety and the thought of going outside is too much to bare stand at your back door or open a window give yourself some fresh air. 

5. Have a bath, at the end of a very long day, run yourself the biggest bubble bath with your favourite smells, grab a book and hop in then head off to bed for that early night.


They are my 5 simple self care tips, I try to do at least one of them every single day, self care doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Kerry xx









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