GUEST BLOG POST: Welcome Parenthood -Amazing Benefits of Baby Massage

GUEST BLOG POST: Welcome Parenthood -Amazing Benefits of Baby Massage

Amazing Benefits of Baby Massage

Giving your baby a massage can be an effective way to being intimate to the baby. It can also be a great option to nurture and soothe the baby as well. You might be surprised, but the truth is- babies really love the touching and caring of its mom and dad.

Also, massaging can be another effective way to make the bonding stronger. Apart from that, massage can even soothe the furious baby too. Here are some amazing benefits of baby massage to make the things clearer to you. Let’s check here for getting more parenting tips & ticks!

Improves Development:

A gentle massage session of a few minutes can certainly help to improve the baby’s physical, emotional, and social development. Every bit of your touch and care while giving your baby a massage reflex your emotional attachment to the baby.

And, this contact between the mom and the baby creates a spiritual bonding too. Also, you get the chance to talk to the baby with your eyes even when your baby can hardly understand the spoken language.

Along with these notable psychological developments, a decent session of baby massage can also benefit you baby’s muscle development. Moreover, massage can stimulate the nervous system, respiratory system, and even the immune system of your baby as well.

Some pediatricians also suggest using essential oils during a baby massage to boost the physical development of the baby.

Soothes Ailments:

You will be astounded to know that baby massage can also ease some ailments like digestion difficulty, stuffy nose, etc. as well. Also, it can be a great tool to de-stress your baby. The most notable thing that you can provide the baby with a massage is- relaxation! Some baby massage moves can contribute to its weight gain too. If your baby is having acidity or any other tummy issues, you can resolve the issue by giving it a belly massage.

Promotes Better Sleep:

Yes, you read it right! Baby massage can contribute to getting your baby a better night sleep. A decent massage session of a few minutes before bed time can offer the baby longer and deeper sleep.

According to research conducted by the Warwick University scholars, babies who received a massage are more likely to cry less, produce fewer stress hormones, and have a better sleep compared to the babies who were not massaged.

So, if your baby is keeping late hours and you are seeking for a quick solution, a gentle massage can surely good bye your anxiety. With regular massage session, when your baby will get used to it, s/he is more likely to fall asleep immediately after the massage session.

Apart from these notable benefits for the baby, you can also avail the opportunity to know your baby more as a mom. You will get to know the needs of your baby and its cues more rapidly through close contact with the baby when giving it a massage. Besides, you will find yourself more confident about your motherhood journey. Also, you will feel relaxed at the end of the day when your kiddo will be sleeping after the Baby Massage session.


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