Our Daily Routine – Professor Scrubbingtons review.

Our Daily Routine – Professor Scrubbingtons review.

Routine is a word that would of made me want to run and hide pre baby. I never used to have a routine it’s not something I’m very good at if i’m honest, the thought of doing the same thing every day used to bore me to tears and I always wanted to pick up something new. Since having Harper I’ve realised how important a routine is for us anyway.

Our morning routine is pretty simple, wake up have breakfast then take the day. However when it comes to bedtime its so much more structured because this mama needs sleep also throw into the mix a sleep deprived child, no one  is winning. I like Harper to be in bed around 6:30 to 7pm . So she can see her daddy when he gets home from work. Bed time preparation starts about 4:30pm, Dinner preparation ready for dinner at 5, after that its bath time! Which is easily Harper’s favourite part of the day, the minute the word bath is mentioned she runs to the bathroom door and knocks on it. It’s honestly adorable.

Recently we have been trying out some new bath products which I think is making Harper more excited about bath time, We got in contact with Professor Scrubbingtons to test out their new bath time range. Since Harper has really sensitive skin I was worried how it would affect her skin but OH MY GOODNESS! Her skin has never been so good.

Their products make bath time so much more fun for us now, with their magical foaming products we love making bubbles. Harper loves to play with the products and it’s even helping her learn how to wash herself. Which is a huge win because I can just sit on the floor and let her do her thing until she’s ready to have a proper wash. Not only is it really fun but it smells amazing. I don’t think I ever prepared myself to let go of the baby smell, toddlers seem to smell more of cheerios than biscuits but using these products have taken the cheerio smell away from Harper leaving her smelling amazing. I’ll admit I do find myself creeping into her room at night to get a sniff of her hair.


Not only does it smell amazing, its given Harper the best skin ever and hours of fun but but but!!!  Its 98% natural and free of parabens. It’s a total winner in our home and I cant ever imagine using another product on her skin. It’s safe to say we’re forever customers of Professor scrubbingtons!

After bath time it’s time to relax, have a cuddle get a few more baby sniffs before milk and bed time. Since using professor scrubbingtons we’ve even found bed time easier, she is now a lot more relaxed and doesn’t put up a fight, other products we used caused her to itch making bed time difficult but now she’s fast asleep by 7pm then it’s time for this mama to head for a bath, my current shampoo of choice is also professor scrubbingtons!

That’s our daily routine, let me know below if yours is like ours or if you do something different! I’d love to hear from you!

K xx


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