Moving with a baby, Welcome to freedom.

Moving with a baby, Welcome to freedom.

On November 11th 2016 we left my mothers house to move into our own family home. Just Adam, Harper, Myself and our fluffy babies. We were going from a situation where I felt I had to check with my mother for every parenting move I made to actually being able to be the mama to Harper that I wanted to be.

It took us roughly a week to get every thing prepared to move, My mother didn’t want us to move out to made the whole situation incredibly uncomfortable. *Imagine Chandler Bing in friends “YOU’RE RUINING MOVING DAY FOR US” Yep that was our vibe* It was uncomfortable she refused to watch Harper at any moment so I could pack, Harper was around 4 months old at this point so trying to juggle a crying baby and pack was so difficult but when she eventually gave in for a nap, I could run around like a fly on cocaine to get packed it was exhausting because Adam was working I had to lift all the heavy stuff on my own.


The Friday arrived and it was moving day!! Thankfully my dad had booked the day off work to help us move he had borrowed his works van so we could get everything out of my mums house in one trip. We went to his house for breakfast and so we could watch the remembrance parade *Harper farted during the 2 minutes silence it’s not easy to keep a straight face through that* We left Harper with my stepmum and went to collect our keys! Arriving at our new flat we had discovered all the issues the thought had been fixed actually hadn’t been. Windows were hanging off the flat hadn’t been cleaned and we went out to buy an electric oven to find out it was gas when we moved it! Which meant the search for a new oven started! The first day we just made sure all the furniture was in there and the basics were put away so we could start fresh on the Saturday.

On the Saturday I dropped Harper off with her Godparents for the day, so Adam and I could get home arrange all the furniture and get the flat ready to be our home. It was also met with lots of phone calls to the estate agents arguing over the state of the flat. *one year later our floor boards are collapsing and our windows are still broken and they won’t do anything* We found the best way to get things done were to take a room each and then we weren’t getting under each others feet, I then naturally had to go in and rearrange everything to how I wanted it. Woman’s prerogative right!? Harper got dropped back to my dads for dinner and then we went home to start living as a family of three. Our first night in the flat was perfect, I wanted one more night of Harper sleeping in her Moses basket before moving her into her own room. We snuggled up on the sofa watched Nick and Norahs infinite playlist and then headed off to bed.

On the Sunday our family was ready to be completed my stepdad had agreed to keep the animals at theirs until we had got all the furniture in. We have a cat so I was terrified of the thought of him running out into the road with all the doors being opened all the time. So they arrived and our family was complete, It took them both a few days to re adjust to their new surroundings but after that they loved it and were completely settled.


My Top 5 Tips For Moving With A Baby.

  1. If there is anyone around who can help don’t be afraid to ask!
  2. Make sure you have lots of toys and sensory items to keep them occupied just whilst you try to get those little items put away.
  3. Get the big stuff done when they’re napping or in bed.
  4. Don’t stress out about having everything unpacked straight away living out of boxes is half the fun of moving and the babies love the boxes!
  5. Try not to stress to much about keeping their routine it’s only a few days and once you’ve readjusted to your new surroundings they will as well its just as new for them as it is for you.
  6. Not a baby related one but for fun, it’s totally acceptable to sit in your sweats eating a take away using a box as a table.

Kerry x

*Written for a guest post featured on Your Dearest Mama 


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