He’s not a kitten anymore – About Lucifer.

He’s not a kitten anymore – About Lucifer.

Lucifer Von Fuzzypaws, My biggest baby this year he turned 4 and I’m now totally aware that he’s closer to being a senior than he is to being a kitten. If i’m honest i’m so overprotective of him for so many reasons. I’m the crazy cat lady.


When he arrived into my life he had a broken hip. He was just the small ginger vulnerable boy who had to snuggle in between me and my pillow, during the first few months of his life with me he was totally dependent on me as he couldn’t do anything for himself. He was essentially cage bound in order for him to get better. The first few years of our new lives together were absolute madness, we went from having a little ‘family’ unit to just me and him times were hard, I was in the pit of my depression, I could barely afford to feed him and myself most of the time but we made it through. I decided to move back to my mothers for a while, I knew this was going to be a huge reality shock for him but I knew it was for the best.



Fast forward a couple of years and life is about to change for us again, I met Adam,  Lucifer was never great if I bought a man home so I knew I had to take things carefully, Lucifer is just as protective of me as I am of him. He loved Adam though after he’d bitten him and drew blood to assert who was boss! When Lennox arrived he hated me, He was so angry that he now had to not only share me with Adam but with a dog who bullies him as well. Little was he to know that things we’re about to change big time! When Harper arrived his nose was massively put out of place and a year later he’s just coming round to her being here.


Since Lucifer is getting older I’m so conscious about his diet, I like to make sure he only eats the best nothing that has too much sugar or is going to rot his teeth, I quite like my fingers and attempting to look in his mouth means one of my digits ends up with a tooth mark in it. He has a slight tendency to bring in a sparrow and the occasional pigeon which is less than ideal he prime eating place is also Harper’s bedroom even less ideal. I’ve worked out he seems to like raw food more than what I was feeding him. This is where Pure Pet comes in, They’ve recently launched their raw food range for cats! We already feed Lennox on their raw food so it only made sense to feed them both the same thing when it works so well for Lennox.

I love how simple it is to make and it’s devoured in seconds. It’s freeze dried so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty, all you need is a warm running tap and bobs your uncle! We’re currently trying Lucifer on the Surf and Turf range we’ll be trying the other one when he’s finished the first box  and it’s a huge hit! He seems to love the flavours and gets more excited about dinner time than any other food we’ve tried him on. All these ingredients are edible for humans so it’s amazing to know that he’s getting the same nutrients that I would in his food with no preservatives or grains!



They also have their own treat range as well which I’m super excited about Lucifer loves his treats so to find something that is healthy is a huge bonus. I’ve already seen a change in Lucifer’s attitude since on Pure Pet that is really lovely he seems so much more happier and I’m getting a lot more snuggles so it’s obviously doing something right!



If you want to get some for your furry baby use code “CAT” at check out for 10% off.


Kerry x


*Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review, All views and opinions are mine and not influenced by the company or any affiliates in anyway.


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