kali & trisThe title of this post is really blunt… but I’m okay with that!! That’s what I’m here for today, to just keep it real with you guys! So, unfortunately & admittedly, I used to be the mom who judged the other moms who were super health conscious. Like, why are you worried about toxins when obviously the government wouldn’t mask products to make them just appear safe, why are you putting something old from the bible (frankincense) on your kid, and what the hell even is gluten anyways? Insert eye roll, because I just thought thosemoms were crazy and I really didn’t even care to learn why because they were obviously off their rockers.

One year ago, that was me. The judge-y mom, lathering my kid up with whatever bubble bath was tear-free, washing my hair with purple shampoo because I didn’t care what it took to keep it from getting brassy, washing dishes with the blue soap everyone else uses, eating whatever sounded good, and lighting up those fall scented candles. That was the norm, right? So, like, why were these other moms going against the grade and being picky and acting like they were better than everyone?ktbeach.png

But then something changed. I started noticing more and more issues. I’ve struggled with depression since I was a teenager and I was on medicine, but my body kept adapting and my dosage kept getting higher. The eczema on our skin was flaring up so bad it was leaving patches of insanely itchy, bleeding skin. I was tired, brain fog was an all-day thing, I was moody, my stomach hurt all the time (meds), I’d get random pains throughout my body I couldn’t understand (meds), my hormones were beyond out of whack, I wasn’t sleeping (more meds), we were getting sick all of the time (even more meds). The list goes on you guys. I think when it was just one of these things occurring at a time I didn’t notice it as much. But when so many things were happening at once I realized something was wrong and something had to change.


One of my good friends (who I met through Instagram) had started using essential oils. I had seen these mentioned for 2 years but ignored them because I thought they were just a fad for crazy people & didn’t actually work. But here was this person who I wholeheartedly trusted sharing, what seemed like, posts written just for me! She had been dealing with manyyy of the same things I had but was finding relief… and without even more medicine being thrown at her. So in January 2017 I decided what the heck! I’d trust her and try these weird things and if I didn’t like them I’d just ignore her (she’s since become one of my very best friends, haha!) And you want to know something insane? I feel so hard for these oils that within 2 weeks I knew I had to share them with everyone. 2 WEEKS was all it took for me to see the off-their-rocker light.

seedlings oils

One of the first things I did was download the “Think Dirty” app. And I was disgusted. I know for a fact that that little app is what changed me. A few scans of items in my house that I was convinced were safe, all of them coming back as 9’s or 10’s in levels of toxicity, I was honestly scared. And I felt so selfish and naïve for not looking into these things sooner. I had been putting these on my sweet baby, around my fur babies, in my mouth through my toothpaste, on my skin through the dish soap and dryer sheets. Basically every item in our home that I trusted because society told me to was filled with a bunch of nasties, which meant.. side affects.

K&T DINO.png

And so that’s what brings us here today. Oils. Had it not been for a friend across the pond, I never would have known there was another option. Had it not been for oils I never would’ve known to look for dangers lurking in our everyday items. Had it not been for oils, I never would’ve known that the side effects from those dangers were the root of so many of our issues. Had it not been for oils, I wouldn’t have known how to find support for those issues, or that I could find that support simply through these little bottles. Had it not been for oils, I wouldn’t know that there are products by this same oily company that can replace all of those harmful items with safe ones. Had it not been for oils, I wouldn’t know that I could spray down my counters and safely eat off of them 2 seconds later or know to use wool dryer balls with oils for scent instead of dryer sheets that outgas for weeks in our closets. I wouldn’t have opened my eyes.


Sure, now I’m that crazy lady. The one who avoids GMO’s and gluten and soy and dairy. But I only became that weirdo because oils simply opened my eyes to the reality of what’s placed in front of us and how to choose better, instead of believing what is mainstream. Last week I pulled out all my Halloween decorations, and I laughed when I threw out a holiday warmer wrap I had from a famous candle company, because just last year I was not this person. And I am so happy that I’m not the 2016 Kali, because I feel so much better & so much more empowered!

So cheers to the against-the-grade moms, I have joined your clan!

If you’re curious about anything I’ve learned, have questions, or are ready to start your oily journey & change your life, please let me know!!! We need more weirdos in our tribe!

XX, Kali

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