Our Favourite Autumnal Activities.

Our Favourite Autumnal Activities.

With Autumn finally here and well just living in the UK it rains a lot. You learn to quickly embrace the rain because there’s not much you can do about it really. Having a one year old who is into everything finding activities to keep her occupied during those activities are as follows:

  1. Puddle jumping a favourite past time but as long as its not lashing it down a light sprinkle of rain and we get our waterproofs on and find those puddles!
  2. Movies – Harper currently loves moana, wallace and gromit & Trolls so we just snuggle up under our duvet with some snacks.
  3. Crafts, I’ve always been scared of doing crafts with Harper 90% of things she touches she tries to put in her mouth, Last week we made a Christmas decoration out of clay and glitter and none of it ended up in her mouth which was a win!
  4. Harper is now walking and one of her favourite things to do is to walk to the park and stomp in all the leaves on the way there. She loves the sounds they make and she’s fascinated by all the colours.
  5. Dancing, Harper loves to dance and music is such a huge part of our lives. We listen to the “Hawaiian rollercoaster ride” every morning to get us in the mood for the day and if I can see a tantrum brewing I just hit Deezer and watch all her troubles melt away with a dance.
  6. Leaf collecting we also like to add sticks to our collections because we have a dog. Harper loves picking them up so we can take them home. I’m in the process of getting more art supplies so we can do some leaf painting and making collages.
  7. In door picnics. With the weather being so tempermental the days of heading to the park with a picnic doesn’t happen any more because no one likes a wet bum! Harper loves being able to sit on the floor with us to be able to eat her lunch.
  8. Story time. Harper loves books her current favourite is 5 little bears. we’ve read this book over a hundred times since we’ve had it. Same as we do on movie day we just snuggle up under a blanket and read.
  9. Disney days, It incorporates most of the things we love, music, stories and music. We just love a Disney day! (I’m writing this blog post whilst listening to a Disney playlist current song.. Everybody wants to be a cat)
  10. Sensory play, I’ve been meaning to buy a tuff tray for months but I’ll be honest we don’t really have the space so for the mean time we’ve been using our bath. We use different things in there each time for sensory play Harper’s favoruite is ball pit balls and water she loves making splashes and throwing the balls around.. Mainly at my head.


So those are 10 of our favourite autumnal activities apart from the crafts everything else we do costs us no money!

What are your favourite autumn activities let me know in the comments!

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