Furnishing your home on a budget.

Furnishing your home on a budget.

So last week Adam & I made the decision that next year we’ll be relocating our family up north. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, leaving our friends, family and everything we know is a huge step. Its something we’ve been talking about from the moment we got together, we both knew we wanted to go but making that final decision was harder than we first anticipated.

So with that decision made the next several months are going to be spent saving every last penny to be able to relocate. When we moved into our current home we didn’t have any savings and needed to furnish our home on a budget. we worked out recently that to furnish our home with the basics cost us less than £300 so I thought I’d share how we did it.

So we had some of the basics TV, nursery furniture, a couple of chest of drawers and our bed. We needed to furnish a whole 2 bedroom flat on a shoe string budget.

Most if not all of our furniture came from Gumtree, We managed to find a fridge, cooker and basic kitchen appliances for less than £60!  My friend has a washing machine for sale that we managed to snap up for £15! so that took us up to £75 just to furnish the kitchen with the basic’s and an extra £20 on accessories.

Living room – We found our sofa & armchair on Gumtree again, we found a corner sofa for £30 and our arm chair was free! Always check the freebie sections on sites because sometimes you will find some absolute gems! Our TV stand, dog bed & table were made by a family member so that cost us absolutely nothing but if you don’t have a handy family member, you can pick up some wood pretty cheap & most people have a drill. I actually found our table inspo off for Instagram, so knowing we had some wood laying around I set my family member off to work.

Bedroom – We had most of our furniture, but needed some bed side tables. We found some at a local reclaim center for a nested table I think we paid about £10 for them which was an absolute steal, we also needed a blind Argos have a really good range of cheap blackout blinds so we bought one of them to set the room off perfectly. For furnishings we continued to use things we had laying around from when we lived at my mothers, we set our fairy lights from Christmas up around the ceiling, I had a really cute elephant boho throw from a rouge spending spree a few years ago that I nailed to the wall to give our room the pop of colour it needed. The final touch to our bedroom was a long piece of ribbon with some pegs from Tiger it cost about £2 we added Harper’s baby photos to them to give our room the personal touch.

Harpers Bedroom – We had all the basic furniture from when we lived with my mother so we didn’t need any of that, I wanted to give her room a personal touch so set to work to find all the little details, I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter so I found a wall sticker from Amazon for £10 which as we rent doesn’t ruin the walls when it peels off. I wasn’t content with just the wall sticker so I hit up a local indoor market on the hunt for something unique and pretty, I found an amazing Snow white & Dopey print for £25 which now has pride of place in her little reading corner. To finish the room off I found a gorgeous little Instagram company called ElsPrettyPrints – We opted for a Peter Rabbit Print with Harpers name on it and a gorgeous little print that simply put “Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains”

All of our other ‘basic’ furnishings came from Wilko & Asda, they have some amazing bargains on homeware! When we move next year it’s likely we’ll be hitting up all our old faithfuls from this move until we have the pennies to furnish properly.

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