KidloLand: Review.

KidloLand: Review.

Before I became pregnant I was one of those people who said I was never going to use a tablet or phone as a electronic baby sitter. A year on, how I laugh about ever making that statement! Love them or hate them electronic baby sitters are sometimes an absolute god send. Especially when you have a child who wants to be with you at the most inappropriate times. Sometimes you just want to nip off for a wee without a viewing party or just need to do something in the kitchen, they’re useful.

This is where KidloLand comes in. Instead of putting YouTube on and potentially coming across finding her watching that show we refuse in our house (No Peppa Pig here) we use KidloLand. It’s an App that’s aimed for children aged 1-5. The thing I love the most about this app? Its all educational! From nursery rhymes, bed time stories, how to brush your teeth, the alphabet, the list is endless!

They have category’s for each age group to make sure they aren’t doing anything that could be too challenging or inappropriate for their age. Harper loves the nursery rhymes and often signals for my phone before bed so she have either have a story or some nursery rhymes with her milk. I’ve already noticed a huge change in Harper since using this app, she’s starting to say a lot more and also gaining a basic understanding of things. She’s such a busy child but this gives her time to sit down and actually engage with what she’s doing which is a really important life skill to carry her through her life into education.

The amazing thing about KidloLand is even though it is an educational tool it’s so much fun, we also love sitting down over an evening and playing the games on there. It’s also a huge trip down memory lane with all of the nursery rhymes and songs its amazing what you remember! It’s full of bright colours to keep them engaged with what they are doing aswell.

I could go on and on about KidloLand but again we’d be here all day! So instead I’m going to post their links down at the bottom so you can download and get your little ones started on their educational journey. Also you might just be able to go to the loo in peace!

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K xxx

*Disclaimer РKidloLand paid for us to have a three month subscription in return for a review, all opinions are my own are not influenced by the brand or its affiliates* 


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