Fruitickles: Review

Fruitickles: Review

A few weeks ago I contacted Fruitickles wondering if they’d be interested in sending me some products in return for a review and I’m so glad they did! Since then we don’t leave the house without a bag stashed for us & Harper. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you would of seen the big unboxing if you missed it here’s a link so you’ll never miss them again 😉

The reason I reached out to Fruitickles was because I was so excited when I read they were made with 100% fruit and nothing nasty what more could you want? Other reasons they’re great is because they’re a source of fibre, gluten free & suitable for vegans and vegetarians so they’re perfect for everyone!

Within our box of goodies we got several packs of yummy Fruitickles, two games and surprises packets and some mini surprise eggs! Yesterday we went out for a family picnic and took one of our frozen game and surprises to keep Harper occupied, as she’s only one we were worried she wouldn’t be that interested but she loved looking through the packet at all the things within it and it kept her occupied for a good twenty minutes so we could each our lunch. Then for afters Harper and her Daddy shared the packet within. I’m not sure if Adam or Harper love them more but the packets seem to go from full to empty pretty quickly!


One of my favourite things about Fruitickles is even though their packaging is aimed at children with the likes of Disney Frozen, Princesses, Cars and Star wars and the unique shapes of them they’re definitely something the whole family can enjoy without having to worry to much about the old waistline! Within each of the surprise packs and the eggs we’ve also found little disc’s which you can collect, its taken me back to my childhood and the memories of collecting Pokemon and Barbie discs so I love that I can now recreate my childhood memories with her.

If you’re not already sold get yourself down to your local supermarket to find out for yourself. I’m off to munch a packet I’ve had stashed in the bottom of my handbag away from Harpers prying eyes. Lets see how long it takes before she finds me hidden in the bathroom eating them and comes to steal them for herself!

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*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free in return of an honest blog post all views are my own and are not influenced by the company or any of it affiliates.

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