My Baby Turned One.

My Baby Turned One.

Little bit late on writing this, things have been a little bit hecitc in the Fox Robinson House I've not had the time to sit down and write.

On July 30th I woke up to a one year old, I had managed to keep another human alive for a whole year! Which considering I could just about keep myself and the animals alive pre her it really felt like I am now a grown up. (Inner me still needing a more adultier adult at all times) 20398562_664094737114773_2830117490804129792_n(1)

The day before her birthday was shit, no other way to put it really, I received a text from my mum announcing that her and my step dad had split up. They like to pick their moments. They're trying to work things out I think. So anyway that had pissed on my parade a little bit. It sounds selfish I know but I thought why couldn't of they just waited another few bloody days!

So as things do Saturday turned to Sunday and I had a one year old, we spent our morning as a little family opening presents before getting ready for our day at the sea life center I wasn't going to let what happened the day before ruin her day. I know she won't remember it but I will.


Shoes: Clarks Skirt: ZoeHeartblastBoutique Etsy Tee – Mutha.hood Jacket: Next Jemima Puddleduck Toy: Waterstones.

I had her outfit planned for months, No idea what I was going to wear but I knew her outfit, I feel like this is a huge mum thing? Special outfits for special occasions? Right!?!? I love Instagram and I love supporting independent shops! So I knew her outfit would contain some Insta-brands! I came across the Strong Girls Clubs by Mutha.hood and fell in love! They do ones for mama's so I'm saving my pennies to get my self one! One of my friends sent me the skirt and I fell in love Harper is going through a stage of loving Dinosaurs because she is a legend of course, So the skirt was totally fitting! The jacket was a present from her nanny and pops!

Her whole birthday was prefect, we spent time with family and friends and doing what Harper seems to love the most be around water and fish! I'm pretty sure she's also half mermaid. She had a tiny tantrum when Adam had to pull her away from the water park because I was a dickhead and forgot her swimming stuff even after being reminded not to forget her swimming stuff! Dick move from this Mama! (Note to self look up baby swimming classes for her and Adam. Yay for being allergic to chlorine)


We finished off her birthday with Mcdonalds dinner because it was the witching hour and we didn't want to ruin our day, also wanted a big mac plus it was her birthday. Why am I defending myself? WE CAN IF WE WANT TO.

Last week however she was testing, she's become a biter. WHY I DO NOT KNOW! She's been so strong willed and testing I slightly wondered in Satan himself had been living within and I was going to have to start googling "exorcists in the UK" maybe she had picked up on my stress, maybe I need an adult equivalent of an exorcism (spa break) Who knows but I spemt many an evening feeling like a bag of piss, all of the sudden my wonderful I love sleep baby HATED SLEEP, sleep was for the weak in my house hold, it was fraught we were tired essentially this was new territory. We're now back on track shes loving sleep again and will consider a nap 10 minutes counts?

On Sunday we took her to Marwell Zoo with my Dad and step mum for an extended birthday present because I'm from a blended family who all hate each other birthdays become a multiple event thing. We had the best day! Harped loved looking at the animals and we think one day we're going to be faced with "Can I have a zebra?" A whole new Harper came out around them she was so talkative and giggly it was so wonderful to watch. I got to see a Tapir so the day was a success!


Yesterday we had to take Harper to the Hospital Eye unit, Because I believed that she had a lazy eye because of the way she looks in some photos and when she is really tired, So we went to find out that she has a large bridge and if she isnt looking at you straight on it looks like she has a lazy eye! Basically my poor baby just needs to grow into her face a little bit.. She's still perfect to me though!


Low of my week: Harper did the biggest shit known to man kind and before I could finishing cleaning, after reminding myself that is is frowned upon to bin a baby she decided to crawl up onto me AND SIT ON MY LAP! I am still a little bit mentally scared and devastated that it was my favourite pyjamas.


So yeah I now have a one year old, she's a little bit feral, she now bites, she's Harper and she's fucking awesome.


K xx



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    Beautiful Harper 😘😘😘 Have a nice parenting day..

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