Doctor Kimoto – Original foot peel formula.

Doctor Kimoto – Original foot peel formula.

Last week I took some time out for myself and even had a bit of a pamper! My pamper item of choice was Doctor Kimoto – original foot peel formula. I’ve teamed up with Lou Lou Loves to test out this product. As a parent I spend a lot of time on my feet either chasing Harper or cleaning up after her and if its not after her it’s one of the animals or Adam. So naturally my feet have taken a bit of a bashing and I haven’t really had time to take time for myself to fix that.

The most amazing thing about this foot peel is you can still do things whilst the treatment is happening, so if you have a busy home like mine but still want to give yourself a bit of a pamper this is the item for you! The box comes with two packets meaning that you can save one for a later date or share it with your partner, friends etc, Adam couldn’t use these because he has size 12 feet and the socks only go up to size 11 so I’ve got one for another time. (I think he’s slightly jealous).

The socks come closed (obviously) so you have to cut them open to put them on your feet, It comes with tape but I put a pair of socks over the top to keep them in place meaning I could still get up if needed. Before putting them on you need to soak your feet for a good ten minutes to make sure they are nice and soft ready for the application, so nap time or after bed time would probably be the ideal time. Then its time to put them on and let them work their magic for a good 60-90 minutes depending on how your feet are. Once done remove and rewash your feet.

Now miracles do not happen over night, its a peel so it will take a few days for the affects to work (Quick tip you’ll want to keep your feet covered during this process) My feet didn’t start peeling until the 4th day, with ten minutes of feet soaking each day. Imagine 10 minute foot soaks every day! Bliss! This took place when Harper was in bed, she’s got a very strange obsession with the bathroom, not sure why but hey kids are weird.

During the foot peeling process I felt a bit like a snake.. not the ones I’ve read about on Love Island.. Still not sure what the hype is with that show? A real snake with their skin shedding. This process did not bother me at all because I knew my end goal. silky smooth baby soft feet. My peeling process lasted about 3 days and now? My feet feel AMAZING! I honestly can not remember the last time they felt so smooth.

As most of you will know I have psoriasis so i was worried about using this product at first but it is made with a clinically proven formula, which uses safe and effective fruit acids that won’t burn or irritate your skin. I have not had a single flare up on my feet meaning this product is even more perfect!
The three-step process:
1 – First, soak your feet for 10 minutes.
2 – Then wear the foot peel socks containing the exfoliating chemical foot peel for 60 – 90 minutes
3 – finally wash and dry your feet.

If you want to try this product for yourself and well why wouldn’t you? Use code *WINGING15* for 15% off when you check out!

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*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free in return of an honest blog post all views are my own and are not influenced by the company or any of it affiliates.


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