Pure Pet Food – For picky and sensitive dogs

Pure Pet Food – For picky and sensitive dogs

Its no secret that I love my dog anyone who follows me on social media will have been inundated with photos and stories about Lennox the middle child of our family and probably the silliest sprocker spaniel I’ve ever met. It’s super important to me that Lennox eats well and always has what is best for her and her diet.

Lennox is a healthy 13.5 kilogram dog who is really short for her breed, we call her the dwarf or the Imp, Yes we’re game of thrones fans here. When it comes to feeding her we’ve have tried almost every brand to find her the right food for her, I don’t know about anyone else but all the spaniels I know seem to end up with a gland problem so we feed her natural to try and over come that.

This is where pure pet food comes in its all natural food and its free of all grains, We’ve got Lennox on their chicken option and squeezed inside every box is chicken breast, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, green beans, apples and cabbage. so essentially my dog lives everyone persons dream by having a roast every day. **I’m not jealous honest. P1010696.JPG


As you can see in the above image the food is naturally dehydrated meaning there is some effort involved in making the food but we only like our animals to have the best so its worth it. We added 4 scoops of food and then added 5 scoops of warm tap water and mixed. You have to leave it for 15 minutes for it to take affect, so I find Lennox is always lingering around my ankles now come dinner time. I like to feed her at the same time as the baby so that she doesn’t feel like shes being left out and they’re both happy eating. You haven’t heard contentment until you hear your dog and your daughter eating in silence because they enjoy their dinner (note the human doesn’t eat pure pet)

This is how you’ll find Lennox every meal time.


People will probably think why do you take so much time and effort preparing the dogs food? I mean dry biscuits is so much easier isn’t it you just put it in their bowl and bobs your uncle. Now yes dry biscuits are easier but before finding pure pet we were letting her graze and were never actually sure of how much she was eating. where as with this, the bowl is empty every time and we actually find her not coming over to us for a treat because she is full. (More food for mama!)

If you’re still not convinced that pet pure is brilliant for your beloved pupper here’s some information directly from their website on why the food is the way it is and why I think it’s absolutely brilliant and another amazing thing is she can have this from now until she’s senior! so if you’ve got a older dog and a younger dog you’d be saving money on buying just one brand and one box instead of two or three! I know how much it can mount up having a senior fed animal and a younger fed animal!

Why Dehydration

Dehydration naturally preserves the food, removing the moisture whilst retaining the nutrients and goodness found in the fresh and raw ingredients we use in our recipes. Our meats are lightly heated just enough to remove any harmful pathogens, our fresh fruit and vegetables are carefully prepared, before we slowly dehydrate all of our ingredients.

Human Quality Food

We make pure food from 100% human quality ingredients, the standards in making Pure are so high in fact that we are regulated by both the human and the animal food authorities. Pure foods contain no grains or gluten and are high in protein, ensuring a healthy balanced diet. Why would you feed your best friend something you wouldn’t eat yourself…

Just Add Warm Water

This unique process gives Pure all of the advantages of both wet & dry food. Adding water allows the food to expand in the bowl rather than the stomach making it easier to chew and helping to prevent bloating, whilst reducing the risk of dehydration. At the same time like a good quality dry food Pure is super easy to store and has a great shelf life.

At Pure Pet Food their mission is to make healthy choices for pets easy and accessible. All of their meals are lovingly made at their very own human grade food facility in Yorkshire, UK.
Owners simply add water and serve creating a healthy, fresh meal in minutes!



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