The importance of me time.

The importance of me time.

“You’re a mum now you will never get time to yourself ever again.” The very wonderful thing one of my midwives said to me when I was first pregnant. Now I’m not going to lie I took what she said seriously, I literally sat there and thought does that mean I’ll never leave the house without my child from now till they start school? Of course that wasn’t true, but when you’re only just 22 pregnant and very confused about whats currently going on in your world, you might just miss the joke.

On Monday I decided to take a break from social media for a few days to focus on myself and my family. The truth of it? It was bliss! I got to curl up with Harper and watch movies and play all day without thinking “Oh I should reply to that email.” None of that happened, I just got to be mum nothing else. Adam was home all day yesterday so we got to spend the day as a family without me again having to go off and do something blog related or reply to anyone. I was basically anti-social but it felt good  for my soul. Last night Harper went to my mums and she’s there until Thursday because I’ve got some reviews that are creeping to a deadline to get done so keep your peepers peeled for them one even has a little discount code! *happy dance* It gave Adam and I the opportunity to get the house clean and have some time with our friends. We watched TV until the late hours and then I was up till 4am playing Crash Bandicoot – Anyone noticed how hard this game is? I never remember it being that hard! In a way though it felt weird, not to be away from social media but to be up without fear of having to wake up to deal with Harper. We’re a stickler for a routine so it sometimes has a knock on affect on both of us to be out of our routine.

However life is all about pushing limits and making the most of it, so a few days out of a routine never hurt anyone right? The thing I found is I had a chance to recoup and find new ground, I still mentally planned blog posts which I’ve of course now forgotten, Anyone else get a thunder bastard of a blog post to get to the laptop and be like ummm what was I going to say? ALL THE TIME. Yet it still felt good. I’ve woken up today with a fresh sense of life and it just felt amazing, I’ve mentioned it before that parents aren’t robots but in some weird way are expected to be. I’m a stay at home mum so I don’t get the opportunity for any me time, if that’s getting the bus somewhere, going for a walk or even a wee! I don’t have it but that is also down to my social anxiety. (see previous post for that one)

10 Me Time Ideas

  1. Have a bath – Its so simple but there’s something so wonderful about a big bubble bath!
  2. Read a book – Even if you only manage a few pages take that time to zone out of the real world for a second.
  3. Netflix (and chill if that tickles your pickle) – There’s always something to watch on Netflix, I love a good David Attenborough documentary.
  4. Leave your phone in another room- Have it on loud if you must but taking that time away from your phone can be so worth it taking that time not looking at social media and being in the now.
  5. Have a pamper evening – As a parent I’ve realised how much I neglect myself whilst looking after Harper. There is nothing wrong with a face mask and a foot soak, Partners are also great for massage purposes.
  6. Make something that you love and eat it! – All by yourself in the cupboard whilst the baby is sleeping.
  7.  Write a letter – Could be to anyone, yourself, your child, partner etc.
  8. Start a new TV series- I started Game of thrones that I watched in my own time. It was good to have something that was just mine and Adams to watch in our time.
  9. Go out with friends – Sometimes it’s nice just to get out with other grown ups and take some time just to be you.
  10. Sleep – Nothing feels as good as a decent nights sleep, Have a bath or a shower put on some fresh pyjamas, slide into that bed  and get your head down. Do some relaxation methods and go to bed with a nice clear head.


I’m off again to play some more Crash Bandicoot and then inevitably cry when I get stuck on the same level!


Talk soon xxx



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