Snoreeze Snoring Relief Review.

Snoreeze Snoring Relief Review.

We all know one, whether its us or someone else, we all know a snorer! Of course none of us will ever admit we snore but it happens even to the best of us..

Some of us have been kept up night after night getting to the stage that you consider just putting a pillow over your other halves face just to get some damn sleep! Of course you would never do that because murder is frowned upon but by god you’ve been tempted.

A few weeks ago I applied to Snoreeze to test out one of their products via bloggers required originally we were going to test the nose spray but it didn’t work for us.. so Clair sent out a new product to try and I AM IN LOVE.

We tested it out over a week because we really wanted to know about the product we were testing before I wrote the review.

The Taste: It takes some getting used to at first but it does have a nice minty flavour that doesn’t leave a nasty taste in your mouth because lets face it spraying something at the back of your throat is a little alien.

How to use: Its a nice little hand sized bottle that would easily fit inside any pocket so there is no excuse not to take it with you should you go anywhere overnight. It’s really simple to use, Twist the applicator 90 degrees, spray three times towards the back of your throat and bobs your uncle. Now time to just get into bed and let it do the work for itself.

Snoreeze lasts at least 8 hours so a good nights sleep all round, I mean you’re lucky to get 4 if you’re a parent but at least you’ll have those few extra hours if you manage to get back in bed! Its also made with natural products so that is a huge win meaning its safe for more to use! I’ll link to their website at the bottom, which will give you more information and find out all of the products they do!


Within a few days I found myself falling to sleep in a nice silent room, something that hasn’t happened for almost two years, I was also testing it out for myself because of the whole I apparently snore thing, so I could also feel for myself what it was like, I woke up on the second day with no ‘gack’ mouth, I brush my teeth every night but for my sins I am a smoker so I still find that I get a bit of ‘gack’ alas it didn’t happen meaning I was already sold. As the days went on falling asleep didn’t become an issue. I was waking up feeling refreshed and so was Adam. Waking up feeling refreshed when you have a small baby isn’t something that used to happen but with this it’s changed our sleeping lives!

To anyone who has a snorer or is a snorer I would 100% recommend this product mainly because it helps with a good nights sleep, If you have a snorer who is also a heavy sleeper you could even spray without them knowing 😉 Not advocating this of course but you could…. It’s small lightweight and you’ll wake up with a nice minty tasting mouth.


Why would you say no?


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