Dear Jeremy Hunt.

Dear Jeremy Hunt.

Dear Mr Hunt (Trust me I’ve resisted the temptation to change the H to a C)


You’ll probably never read this.. I mean why would you? I’m just a parent, blogging my way through life.

Today I’m writing about our NHS and how its failing frankly at yours hands, as well as the woman who is somehow still in power…

I’ll give you some background, On Sunday my daughter came down with the most hideous rash, it was all over her body to we took her to our local out of hours surgery, We were informed by a Doctor that she had heat rash, the next day I wasn’t convinced so took her to our local GP who thought it was a viral infection and sent us to our local hospital to see the people on the children’s ward who told us they didn’t know what it was but assumed it was a viral infection also.. they sent us home and told us to keep our daughter hydrated. This takes us to today.. my daughters temperature spiked to a very scary 39.9 degrees so once again we were back to the doctors, today we finally got some answers because it was a quite afternoon the doctor could look her over properly and see that it is not a heat rash or a viral infection it is in fact a bacterial infection that is burning her skin.

This brings me to my point, Our surgeries and Hospitals are understaffed, On Sunday at the out of hours it was busy, they didn’t have a receptionist and only TWO members of staff on hand, who like the rest of us were feeling the heat, On Monday it was busy, its a Monday, they’re always busy regardless of the heat, When we arrived at the hospital, I watched a family have to take their tiny baby into a resuss room I watched all the doctors and nurses work tirelessly to try and save this tiny person, I don’t even know if they did. We weren’t priority nor did I expect us to be but because the doctors were under so much pressure they missed something on my daughter meaning they sent us home, whilst she was in pain… Now another insight my daughter is only 10 months old so doesn’t have the ability to say mama I’m in pain. It only came to today when I got to the point that I refused to leave the doctors without some proper answers that we actually got some. The doctor had actually found out that her skin is being burnt by a bacterial infection!

We all know Politicians are over paid. £75k per year in wages but will still claim back on lemons, now if you cant spare 11p for a lemon and want to claim it back. You’re a prick. (Please note I do not know who it was the claimed a lemon on expenses but I know it happened) Our doctors and nurses work tirelessly saving lives every single day, but because of the added strain on them, people can fall through the net and be misdiagnosed. Now unlike you I cant afford private health care but like you i was fortunate enough to be born in a country that has a free health service, a health care service that is being destroyed at the hands of many look I’m not just blaming you here. However you are in charge of their wages lets be honest. Doctors and nurses work day and night sometimes not finishing their shifts on time to go home and see their families because an emergency has come in and they need to help save someones life, They are worked to breaking point, I knew a nurse once who was actually signed off because the intensity of her job almost sent her to a nervous breakdown, She couldn’t eat or sleep and it was affecting her life because regardless of career paths, people are people and we’re not robots to dance at your every whims.

I hope you reform our NHS and start giving our emergency services the support they need. Look at whats happened recently with London & Manchester our emergency services the first ones there. Some even coming into work when it was their day off to help people. They didn’t have to do that but they did.

My plea is really in short, start thinking of everyday people use the money you have saved from now having fortnightly bin collections into our NHS, stop wasting money on things that will be aesthetically pleasing to the upper class. Stop cutting corners when it comes to health and safety.

If I wasn’t a persistent parent who trusted her instincts who knows what would of happened to my daughter.




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