How my baby being poorly stopped me feeling broody. 

How my baby being poorly stopped me feeling broody. 

Odd title right?
In the last few weeks I’ve spent hours sifting through Instagram becoming a ridiculous brooding mess. I mean there’s so many tiny ones its hard to get the old ovaries to pipe down and yet it all came to H being ill for that to stop.

Now Harper isn’t the most cuddly of child, she’s at a stage which I can only refer to as feral yet I’ve been recently finding myself thinking oh just one more? Maybe that one will want to cuddle me. Selfish I know. But I’m only human and sometimes I just want to cuddle my child without her scratching my face to get away.. I have the marks to prove it!

On Friday it was Adams birthday and my dad offered to have Harper so we could have some time as a couple. When he bought Harper home Saturday he mentioned that she had wanted to sleep most of the day. This doesn’t happen the kid doesn’t nap. So we knew something wasn’t right, She slept from 7pm – 8pm then had several naps on the Sunday, it threw us and we didn’t really know what to make of the situation but she was napping so as far as i was concerned she was sleeping off whatever bug she had..On Monday we thought she’d perked up because she was back to her no napping feral self. We decided to have some friends round and as a rule we put her to bed before they turn up because she gets major fomo and just wont sleep. We also have a rule which is knock on the kitchen window because her room is next to the front door and simply put.. I want to throw things at anyone who knocks on the door and wakes the baby up. HOWEVER did they knock on the window? NO! So Harper woke up.. but we’re thankful she alerted us to being awake, She threw up now this is the first time she’s also thrown up something that isn’t milk.. and it was everywhere, her bed, the floor, her hair you name it it had sick on it.. even her favourite toy that she refuses to sleep without.. this opened a whole other can of worms and we didn’t know what to do.. she was exhausted after the clean up and just wanted to go back to bed.. but we had no rabbit.. it came to calling my dad with a plead of “PLEASE JUST PLEASE GO PICK HER UP A NEW RABBIT.” He did, my dad is a legend, after rubbing the rabbit all over ourselves and everyone else she thankfully took it and went back to sleep till 2am and it was my turn for the night wake ups because Adam was going back to work the next day.. She likes to pick her moments!

So after all of that it seems to have changed her attitude shes suddenly turned into the most cuddly and affectionate child, shes still a bit feral but I’m getting a hell of a lot more cuddles than i was prior to her being unwell. It also seems to have slowed down on the broodiness, I did start to think it was because she is almost a year old and as shes growing I’ve started to feel like I didn’t cherish the little moments because having a new baby whilst we were still living at my Mothers we didn’t get to be just us to be able to adapt and work things out for ourselves  but we have the rest of our lives to make new moments and memories..


Maybe just one more one day…. but for now we’re happy being a family of 3.





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