Getting to grips with the Panasonic Lumix

I’ve always loved photography but I’ve never had the ability to really get into due never being able to find a camera in my price range that tickled my pickle.

Until this weekend, my dad decided to buy a new camera and gave me his old Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ48. Today we decided to take it out and get a proper feel for it. This camera is 11 years old has a few scratches but works like new.. Winning!

So before getting caught in the mother of all hail storms when Adam didn’t have a coat because it was nice at the time and he forgets England is a bit temperamental when it comes to the weather.. We set off to our local park to get some snaps..

Below is a few that we’ve taken today, Please note none of these have been edited because I am yet to find an editing program I understand.. Any suggestions for beginners would be fab!


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