I’ve written & re written this because I just don’t know the words.
My heart is shattered once again for London our beautiful Capital the place my grandparents grew up. 

The place that millions call home, the place that holds something in everyone’s heart. 

When the news first broke last night my initial thought was “maybe it’s just a drunk driver” then the borough market news broke and then Vauxhall and I was shattered I knew this wasn’t a drunk driver but a heinous attack by a group of creatures. I will not call them humans because humans need humanity and they don’t have that. 

Like all parents I’ve kept a brave face in front of H because she doesn’t understand she picks up on my moods so I knew I had to put on a smile for her, we went out for Lunch today and you could tell the news held heavy on all of our hearts. 

The one thing I did take from last night was the same things I took in the wake of Manchester and the westminsters attack. Is not only do we have incredible emergency services but they can come at us and we will get back up we are strong and we are stronger when we stand together. That’s the thing that makes Great Britain great. We face everything head on. Isis, deash whatever you want to call them. Will not defeat us because they can’t. 

My heart has broken once again for the few dickheads who once again think this is the work of muslims. As we saw in Manchester, the mosque reported that man on several occasions because this is not Islam. This is not faith and this is not what they or anyone else stand for. Anyone who practices Islam or has read into the Q’ran will know of the peace they speak. 

I don’t know when this will all end but I hope one day it will. I know I can protect my daughter, my nephews, my nieces or cousins from most monsters because as a mother, aunt, sister, cousin I have to protect them. But I’m scared these monsters I won’t be able to protect them from but when they’re all older I will help sit down and explain that this isn’t humanity and this isn’t what we stand for. We stand for love and we need to look for humanity and the people willing to help. 
All I know is I’ll be holding my baby extra tight this evening and keeping the thoughts of all the beautiful people we have lost all over the world & their families at the hands of these monsters. 


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