How we survived our first weekend away with Harper.

How we survived our first weekend away with Harper.

Its Fridaaaaay!

So last weekend we went away as a family for the FIRST time so I thought i’d write a little post about how we survived and what we got up too.

The reason we went away was because it was my cousins boyfriends 30th birthday and he had a surprise party planned. I’m not going to lie packing and preparing filled me with a lot of anxiety, not knowing what to pack and wondering if I had enough or too much. Turns out I didn’t pack enough baby wipes and probably should of packed a spare gro bag (Poosplosion!) Everything else I over packed.

So first things first the car journey, Harper isn’t one of those children who will happily sit in a car seat and fall asleep, oh no! My child is a ball of absolute energy and she will not sit still for longer than 30 seconds.. so preparing for a 3/4 hour car journey (its 2 and 1/2 hour drive but with small we needed lots of stops) is no easy thing, We decided to pack a few of her toys and lots of distractions so that helped. until we stopped for food then she just wants to get out and cause havoc! We hired a car so feeding her snacks in the car was a no go! I discovered this weekend that hardly any motorway petrol stations actually have baby changing, we had to change Harper on the floor in the disabled toilets! (BP Oxford I’m looking at you here) other than that the car journey was pretty much a hit!

We decided to go out for dinner on the Friday before the party so Harper could have her dinner without any fuss, However after dinner is where my anxiety kicked in, Harper ALWAYS goes to bed between 6&7 but we were taking her with us to the party meaning it was past 7 and she was still wide awake NIGHTMARE. When it comes to Harper I have the strictest routine when it comes to sleep. She wasn’t my only anxiety cause that day, this was the first time in a few years where I had been in a room with loads of people and only knowing a few, my self esteem is shit as it is so I was thrown totally out of my comfort zone. So feeling like shit and stressing out that my child was still awake at 9:30 was hell, We used our snooze shade on her for a while (totally recommend these) but as the room got louder that was it, she wasn’t going to sleep. It got to 10pm and I decided we needed to go home and put her to bed or we’d all be paying for it the next day.

I’ve read quite a lot that taking Grandparents away is a god send! We were already going with my dad (Neither of us drive yet!) but god i’m glad we did have them there, being away and out of both of our comfort zone’s it was so reassuring having them there! We had a pretty standard day minus the horrific pooplosion, it was everywhere and felt like we needed a small army as back up. She’s at that awesome stage where she will just escape half way through and its a good few minutes getting her back and sorted. After lunch we went to a little fun fair & this is where the grandparents come in helpful! we tested out our driving skills in the bumper cars! Nor me or Adam should probably be behind the wheel of a car! but it was quite nice to just be a grown up for 30 seconds and not have to worry about the small person. Although she did look fuming every time we went past…  So we didn’t get back till at least 5pm meaning Harper’s dinner was late, the witching hour is a scared time that should NEVER be changed for fear of your mini cherub going from Bathilda Bagshot to Nagini in seconds (Its a Harry Potter reference for anyone who’s confused) So yeah in a nutshell she was cranky, this also meant that bedtime was pushed back TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! but she went down until we came to bed after a tragic game of cards against humanity which I lost and a fire pit. Like most babies after they wake up from a long sleep she thought it was play time, ITS MIDNIGHT GO BACK TO SLEEP FFS. We finally got her back down with a good old snuggle in bed, we don’t have cuddling in bed at home because she tries to throw herself off the bed. However she relented and let me snuggle her to sleep. BLISS! She smells of biscuits and its amazing.

Day three and home time, After lunch and a very most emotional trip to the cemetery to put flowers on my Grandparents grave it was the first time we had been there with Harper and the realisation that my only three Grandparents were never going to meet Harper hit home. So it was home time, we left at 3 meaning we were creeping in to being still in the car during dinner time was looming over my head ( I’m aware that it sounds like I’m obsessed with her dinner and bedtime routine I am.)  We managed to get to Rownhams (about 30 miles away from home) before yet ANOTHER pooplosion the apparent theme of our weekend, Adam got the short straw because my flipflops broke and it was absolute carnage we BOTH forgot to check the nappy bag had a nappy in there rookie error 101, it didn’t my dad had to run in with a spare whilst she was making everyone aware of her presence. I got to hide outside and pretend I wasn’t with them. Sometimes its the safest thing to do… We got home, Dinner was done bed time was only 30 minutes later than normal because the dog decided to get out. Anyone who follows me on Instagram –wingingitwithharper if you don’t 😉 will have seen all about my poorly pupper from monday onwards but that day she was a tit.


So all in all minus the anxiety and the pooplosions we had the best weekend and our next holiday is just going to be the three of us and maybe the puppy but I’m bloody excited!  Also Harper said Mama on the Sunday & i cried.





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