Maternal mental health week

Maternal mental health week

This week is the first maternal mental health awareness week. Maternal mental health day was on the 3rd. 
I’ve previously shared my PND battle on here before but I just wanted to add this. 

Unfortunately there is still a huge stigma behind mental health. Post natal depression has only recently stopped being a ‘taboo’ subject however there is little if any awareness on pre-natal depression. 
Pre-natal depression happens when we’re trying to grow our tiny humans. It can be equally debilitating as PND. However most parents don’t even know they’re suffering they’ll just think it’s part and parcel of being pregnant. I for one didn’t know about it until I had Harper and actually started my blog. 
We live in a world where people constantly feel the need to stick their opinions into other people’s lives for doing things that they themselves wouldn’t do. Which is fine opinions are like arseholes everyone has one. Whether it’s because someone chooses to bottle feed their baby instead of breast feed. without actually knowing the reasons why that person has chosen to do what they are doing people will stick their opinion in and probably without meaning to those comments can make someone feel like an absolute failure as a parent. (I’m talking for myself and other parents I’ve spoken to here not the whole population) 


Maternal mental health like all mental health affects everyone. However when you’re a parent you have a huge responsibility to keep your little person alive, happy & well fed. 
Most parents forget that they need to take 30 seconds for themselves sometimes. If that mean downing a hot cup of tea whilst baby is sleeping because you’re just done with cold tea or just having a wee by yourself. Parents are not robots but are for some reason expected to act like one. 
I guess all I’m saying that if you’re a parent because even though it’s maternal mental health week dads feel it too. 

If you’re struggling please confide in someone if that’s a total stranger, your gp or your best friend confide in someone because you can get help. No one is going to think you’re an awful person. You can get better. 

To anyone who knows a parent who’s struggling please just offer them a cuppa and a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen too just a friendly face.
It would mean the world to them. ❤️
For more information or if you need someone to talk to visit: 



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