My Favourite Sharing and Comfort food.

My Favourite Sharing and Comfort food.

Once upon a time, there was a lady who used to love cooking, she spent hours and hours preparing nice home made food for her family, all from scratch using some of the freshest and nicest ingredients.. Then she had a baby.

Homemade food became more of a task than something I enjoyed and dinner became whatever was quick and easy from the freezer. Its no secret that children are time consuming and require 100% of your attention so the things you used to love sometimes get moved to the back burner.

However we still get moments to entertain and making quick and yummy meals is a lot less time consuming but still delicious!

Dirty Rice:

My all time favourite comfort food. Don’t be put off by the name. Its delicious!


Rice (Measurements to size of family) we use about a cup of rice.                                              2 cloves of Garlic – Chopped                                                                                                                 1 Red onion – sliced (we’ve tried with white onion but it didn’t work for us)                            Two beef burgers (can probably be made with Quorn but i haven’t so can’t tell you if it works)                                                                                                                                              Fajita seasoning.


Cook rice (I’m hoping I don’t need to explain that one)  Add two sprays of cooking oil (We use coconut oil) to a frying pan and leave to heat up. Add the burgers and break down into tiny pieces, let the burgers brown before adding the onions and garlic. Cook through until burgers are fully cooked and onions are softened. Once the rice is cooked and strained, add the burgers etc into a bowl with the rice and mix in the fajita powder until its spread evenly throughout. Put into a bowl and enjoy! we’ve also used taco shells as a side which add a bit of excitement to the meal.


Pizza Rolls:

Yummy, quick and one of Adams favourites!


Pre Bought (I cant make pastry) Puff Pastry or a pre rolled pizza sheet (All about preference here)                                                                                                                                     Pizza base sauce(you can make your own) i just buy asdas own its super yummy!               Mozzarella or whatever cheese is your personal preference                                                     Salami & Pepperoni. – Again its all down to choice                                                                         Seasoning : We use Pepper and Mixed herbs but once again all down to choice!


This one is so simple.

Roll out the pastry of choice, add your tomato base and choice of toppings and roll! (think swiss roll kind of roll), We cook them for about 35-45 minutes on gas mark 5 until they’re crispy and brown with no soggy bottom! Enjoy with a side salad or chips! Simple!




Cous Cous, Meat & Veg.

This one doesn’t really have a fancy name because we only decided recently to make it. However it was amazing! Its one of those meals we made from ingredients left in the cupboard at the end of a food shop week.


Cous Cous (the food so nice they named it twice) We use Mediterranean but once again its all about choice!                                                                                                                                 Diced pork chops (we used two)                                                                                                         Mangetout chopped (About a handful)                                                                                              Half a red onion Sliced.                                                                                                                       Two potatoes Diced.                                                                                                                                Seasoning: To flavour (we used chilli, herbs and garlic pepper)


This is one of those one pot sling it in meals. (doesn’t sound appetizing i know but bare with me)  Add a tea spoon of sunflower oil to a wok, add potatoes and cook until softened, add pork and vegetables and cook till done and then season. Once done add to cous cous either premade or from a packet and mix together. Serve with salad and TAADAA.





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