10 things to do in Dorset over the summer that don’t cost the earth.

10 things to do in Dorset over the summer that don’t cost the earth.

So I’m lucky enough to have grown up and live in Bournemouth & by lucky I mean we have the most amazing views however the cost of living down here doesn’t make us so lucky. Summer is fast approaching so here are ten places that should be explored.

  1. Upton country park –  I spent most of my childhood there going on adventures and getting muddy. I’ve known the farmer and their families since I was small so got to explore all the farm but unfortunately they’ve had most of their land taken back to add to the park. Its free to park, they have a new assault course, ducks and some great walks for little ones and dogs. The house is to die for (wedding goals) and as you go further into the grounds they have the most beautiful view of Holes Bay.
  2. The beaches – Well they speak for themselves don’t they? Our beaches have been ranked some of the best in the Europe. (I mean there’s no swimming pigs like the Bahamas – Personally disappointed by that) but they’re beautiful non the less.
  3. Fancy’s Farm Portland – Even though Adam is from Portland I didn’t actually know this place existed until he moved in with me. Its a free farm with all the cutest live stock a definite must do. They even have a owl! who doesn’t love owls? There’s loads of other beautiful sights in Portland like the lighthouse and the pirate graveyard.
  4. The new forest (Burley) – Ok so technically not Dorset its in Hampshire but this is also a must do over the summer, It’s the perfect place for picnics, adventures or just to go to sunbathe. It’s so lovely to be surrounded by new forest ponies and donkeys and if you’re the horsey type its a beautiful place to horse ride or cycle ride if you’re not a horsey type. Burley is a little village within the forest with the stories of a very famous witch, they have quaint little shops and the best ice cream!
  5. Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door- Another beach (we’re lucky eh?) My blog photo is of Lulworth cove so I’ll just let that do the talking (Photo credit Sophie Rose)
  6. Moors Valley –  This place is great, they have a big play area, go ape and a huge forest with an adventure course! great to tire out the little ones.
  7. National trust parks – With Easter coming up the national trust have joined up with Cadburys for an Easter egg hunt. They’re also another brilliant place for exploring.
  8. Brownsea Island – This is more of a pricey day out but Brownsea island is a must see! Its one of the few places where you can see red squirrels its also a national trust site and is a brilliant day out for all ages.
  9. Poole Park – Poole park is a great day out when its sunny and even on those typical rainy days, with Cafe’s soft play, a big lake, ducks to feed and parks to play in.. They’re always putting on events during the year. Unfortunately the council decided to cut funding so it lost its railway around the lake but makes for a great family day non the less.
  10. Bridport – The most beautiful little fishing town and where Broadchurch was filmed! two for one there surely?! Its the perfect little family day, with shopping, beaches and parks to explore. Its a must do day out, Also West Bay has the most amazing campsite if you wanted to make a weekend of it!

So there’s my top ten things that should be explored over the summer months and I’ll be getting out and about with my family to do them too!


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