Body shamed

Body shamed

We live in a world that people feel the need to make themselves feel better by making people feel worse about themselves.

This happened to me on saturday.. I was already having a thunder bastard of a day. I had an overwhelming surge of anxiety when my daughter went to her grandparents for the day, I didn’t want her to go and the thought of her leaving just broke my heart but I knew she would have the best day so I had to put my feelings to one side and let her go. When we went to pick her up my dog who is now known as twat dog decided to take it upon herself to stick her head through the chair in front of us to lick a random man, Queue LOTS of apologising. After we got off the bus to walk towards my dad’s house, This piss poor excuse of a man took it upon himself to shout “whale” at me from his car.. Now i knew it was aimed at me because I was the only person on the road. For about 30 seconds I felt absolutely awful about myself, I wanted to break down and cry but I laughed at his reply to show him that his comments weren’t going to affect me.

This got me thinking about why people feel the need to make themselves Superior using other peoples weakness’ against them. This person doesn’t know me or anything about my life but on my outwards appearance needed to make himself feel better about something. This man doesn’t know that I’ve had a baby, that i have severe anxiety and PND that causes me to comfort eat to deal with my condition he doesn’t know anything about my life but still felt the need to make me feel shitty to improve his ego.

We’re subject to this every single day over social media, Keyboard warriors, Trolls whatever you want to call them, Taking it upon themselves to be absolute fucking morons. Its as if they get off on other peoples pain and that hurts my heart. We’ve seen so many stories of young people taking their own lives because of the words of others. The thing is a lot of people imagine an internet troll as some person who just spends all day behind their keyboards playing video games. However this is not the case, I’ve spent hours sitting through social media reading comments for this blog post and the thing i found some of the main culprits of online bullying seems to be teenagers and shockingly parents.. I’ve seen people who have copious amount of photos of themselves and children being absolutely vile to other parents and sometimes children over outward appearances. That’s the thing about social media, people show what they want you to see. I’ve seen photos of people who are dressed up and look like absolute superstars yet there are people who will drag that person down with the most hideous comments for whatever reason. 

Unfortunately it seems as if we will never be able to stop bullying in the streets and comments from others because people are people and some of those people are arseholes, But hopefully one day we will be able to put a stop to online bullying, Katie Price has done a petition to make trolling a criminal offence and this morning are doing a kindness pledge, if you haven’t yet please sign or pledge it only takes a second. I’ll post the link at the bottom of this post.

Before I wasn’t a parent I was able to shrug comments off because I felt people made these comments to deal with their own insecurities or they were just wankers. Since having Harper, the thought of her growing up in a world with bullying and trolling scares me. I want her to grow up and not have someone make a comment about her because she might be different to other children or likes someone/something that others don’t. I think its every parents fear that their baby might be picked on. I will try my hardest to teach Harper that regardless of the comments of others, Everyone is beautiful no matter what shape, size or walk of life they are from. Just because someone is different to her doesn’t make her any better than her and vice versa.


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