Ten things I’ve learnt since becoming a mum.

So becoming a parent is a huge thing so I thought i’d just share some of the things I’ve learnt in the short time I’ve been doing it.


  1. Everyone will have something to say on your parenting skills. How they did things differently and because of that you should apparently follow suit..
  2. You will lose friends, People you may have known for 10+ years and saw every week pre baby will suddenly become strangers in the street, because things change, you cant be there at a drop of a hat or be ready by 9am because sometimes your child is having an epic kick off in the morning and you don’t have time to have a cup of water let alone be ready and out of the house. Some people struggle with having to share your friendship with your tiny person and having to adapt that you can’t just drop everything and go round their house at 9pm anymore.
  3. There will be times where you will call you child a twat, even though in their world they are not being a twat but for some reason they know when you’re tired or having a bad day are the days when they really play up.
  4. Mum guilt is a very very real thing. There will be times when you refer to said child as a twat then feel like a prick for being angry at your tiny human or leave them to cry because they’re so tired but are fighting a nap and you know if they don’t have a nap they will be Satan, you also know within 5 minutes they will be asleep but those 5 minutes are heart breaking and you just know that they feel you’ve abandoned them. I find myself feeling guilty for treating myself as well. I’ve been desperate for a new pair of jeans so went out and treated myself to some then spent the next few days feeling shit because I didn’t spend that money on Harper instead.
  5. You will have times when you don’t like your partner very much, They’re equally as tired as you are because they’ve been to work and woke up to deal with the small person at 6am instead of getting up at 6:30 to get ready for work, you’ll hate them for not understanding that going to work, the travelling and even just being able to use the loo is a luxury that you just don’t get.  I’m guilty of this.. I hate Adam leaving us to go to work but I know if he didn’t go to work and work as hard as he does I wouldn’t be able to stay home all day with my daughter.
  6. Within the first 6 months you will have memorised all of the songs on the loud toys that your child must have and get to a point of considering throwing the thing into the garden and stamping on it before you hear “I’ve got my remote and I’m in control picking numbers and here we go” over and fucking over again but it keeps them happy so they get to live another day.
  7. You will feel jealous of other mums, the ones who look like they have their shit together or went back to their pre baby body within the first week of giving birth.. I’m 8 Months post baby and if anything I still look fucking pregnant. However everyone gets jealous over one thing or another but its always important to remember just because someone has their shit together on social media doesn’t mean they have their shit together in real life.
  8. You will do things you always said you’d never do.. I’m not going into too much detail on this one because there’s a blog post coming up about that.
  9. You have to adapt that your life isn’t your own anymore I have this tiny human who depends on me and my wants and needs now come second to hers. A 2 minute trip to the shop will now take 20/30 minutes because you have to get the pushchair and the whole barrage of toys ready to keep them occupied just to get milk. Just getting up,grabbing my purse and walking out of the door are a thing of the past.
  10. Parenting is an absolute roller coaster of emotions, Post Natal Depression is an absolute bastard but getting to be the woman who brings up my daughter is worth all of that and more. Its an adventure.

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