My new obsession. 

My new obsession. 

So we now live in a world of social media and house goals.. I spend hours of my day looking through pages of all these beautiful homes with their pristine nurseries, bedrooms and living rooms and I get this huge pang of jealously. 

We rent our flat because we live in Bournemouth and the thought of ever owning a home down here is just laughable. We pay £750 just in rent and once everything else is paid it just mounts up. But we have pretty beaches so that apparently makes it ok. 

So lately I’ve been trying to make our home feel more homely. However there’s only so much we can do because all we’re allowed to do is put photos up.. and only allowed to repaint the walls the same colour as they already are. I’m so sick to the sight of magnolia it’s unreal. We only moved in back in November so we just put furniture wherever was easiest.. however as I’ve spent hours trawling social media and the jealousy got real. I told adam we needed to rearrange the flat because it was driving me mental. 

I started on Harper’s room I’ve been dying to give her an area to play in as she gets older. It took 4 hours and a fair but of swearing but I got there! Trying to move a wardrobe by myself when I’m only 5ft1″ was quite an achievement. Her room now feels so much bigger and she has so much room to play. I’ve got her some beautiful canvas prints from wish which will be going up soon to finally give the nursery the finishing touches. 

So the next room was the living room we’ve moved the room several times but I’ve hated it every single time and I think at one point I may of sent Adam over the edge whining about how much I hate it.. The obsession is very real.. we set aside a Saturday evening to get this done once Harper was in bed. Wine defienitly helped in this case because it was beyond stressful we had to take apart and remake our tv stand to fit in the area we wanted to put it. However our drill died and we had to use screwdrivers & a junior hacksaw which was ideal. Once Adam had sorted out the techy stuff – I retreated to the sofa with wine for this part because it felt safer there.  It finally got to the moving of the furniture and I was in my element. Picking places for all the furniture that was going to make the most of the space and give Harper more space to play with her toys. We finally got it all in place and it’s wonderful it’s so cosy and now feels like a home instead of what we referred to as the squat. However I have a little nook filled with my Harry Potter memorabilia which is absolutely beautiful.. Potter nerd for life. 

My next room to attempt is our bedroom but I think I’ll have to leave it for a while to save Adams sanity. 


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