Powerful friends = Power influences.

Powerful friends = Power influences.

I’m so blessed to have an absolutely amazing set of friends & I know that this means that they will become a powerful role models in my daughters life.

Harper’s god parents were chosen because of their love for Harper and the strength they’ve given us through some of our hardest times. Her Godmothers are Sophie & Pippa and the reason these two wonderful ladies were asked is not just because of how much they love Harper but because they are strong women & strong women raise strong women. I’ve known them since we were in year 2 and we’re incredibly lucky to have these ladies being apart of her life. They’ve been there through the best and the worst times and I know I can turn to either of them about anything. I also know when Harper is older she will be able to go to them as well.

Her Godfathers are both called Ben so we have Uncle Ben & Uncle Cheesman. The reason Ben was asked was not just because he’s Sophie’s Fiance but because he shows an incredible amount of love for Harper and she loves him back.  The reason we asked Cheesman is because he is one of my closest friends who has also been there through the best times and the darkest times he’s kind hearted and I know that he will always be there for Harper if she needs him.

We also have an amazing group of friends who we didn’t ask to be godparents and not because we don’t love them because we do and if we could ask everyone we probably would have. We have friends who empower us, who make us laugh, people who we’ve grown with and people who have saved us from stupid decisions. We have friends that do it all & we’re so lucky to have these people being apart of all of our lives.

Harper doesn’t have many baby friends (which i’ll admit is my fault due to the anxiety) But she’s met a couple of babies and they’ve taught her so many things & I’ll be forever grateful for that. My friend Chazz has this gorgeous little girl called Ellie who we don’t get to see often but when we do its so wonderful. We get to see them again in a few weeks time and I’m very excited! My hope for these girls is that they grow up to become the best of friends because there would be nothing cuter in my eyes.

Not only do I have amazing friends but their parents are equally amazing people and influences in Harper’s life and that makes me feel even more lucky. I remember when Sophie & Pips mums both met Harper when she was teenie tiny and you could just see the love in their eyes for my little girl. I also feel if she has any issues growing up that she feel she cant tell me, her dad or one of my friends she can go to these ladies. They’re like second mums to me in a way & They’ll always have a special place in my heart.








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