We went outside today – BY OURSELVES!

We went outside today – BY OURSELVES!

We went outside today! Just me and Harper! *Mum victory dance*

It might have taken me 4 hours to get the courage to go out, several phone calls with different people and a cuppa or two. Yet we still did it!

The weather was lush today thankfully which did make it a bit easier to go it was boiling in the flat – So happy spring is here!

So this morning I decided to put the pushchair up and just leave it in Harpers room. For some reason I felt having it up would push me into going. Spent my whole morning telling Harper we were going to the park so as if to make a promise to her.. Thankfully Harper isn’t old enough to understand a promise, yet I knew i’d feel the dreaded mum guilt so that also helped.. However I kept pushing it back by an hour my hands were getting clammy which didn’t help! Thankfully Adam called at one so that was the icing on the cake. I kept telling him we were going to go to the park. WE DID IT.

I got her into the pushchair took a deep breath got into the front garden so we killed step one. The clammy hands came on but my neighbour was in the garden so i didnt want to look silly i suppose by unlocking the door and going back inside.. again that was ideal.

We took the 10 minute walk down to the park it was awesome, Harper was making all the best giggle noises, She loved seeing the horses and the dogs running past her. (I make it sound like i live in the idyllic countryside I dont. How i wish i did) We made it to the park and it was beautiful it wasnt busy i went pre school kick out so it was quiet. – Perfectly quiet. Harper loved the swings and the slide so it just made the whole experience easier.. So it was time to go home and for some weird and wonderful reason i just zoned out and walked it was nice to just escape for a moment and just have time in the sun with Harper.

We some how ended up in asda where i decided i should treat myself for being brave. I bought daffodils!



Today was a leap but it doesnt mean every day is going to be like that and i need to accept it however each day like today makes the next day a little easier.. Next trip – Me Harper and Leni.








































































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