International womans day

International womans day

So today I thought I’d write a small piece about international woman’s day. I’ve always loved this day because its all about empowerment and I just love that.

This is my first international woman’s day as a mother and I have this surge of warmth and love today because I’m raising a new woman. I want her to grow into a world of equality and love, I don’t want her to stress out over trivial things growing up, like for instance how someone who is doing the same job as her is paid more because he has a penis. I want her to grow into a strong beautiful powerful woman who knows what she wants and how to grab life by the balls. I want her to impact others lives with happiness, smiles and fond memories.

Women are incredible creatures our bodies are beautifully complex. We can grow humans and take an immense amount of pain giving birth to said humans. We are warriors. Now I’m not saying men aren’t incredible creatures of course they are.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a mum and a step mum and they are both incredible women, My mother is a rockstar. She is a survivor of so many things. She battled epilepsy as a child, she has learning difficulties, fibromylagia just to name a few. When my brother was born she couldn’t read or write she took herself back to college to know these things so she could be the best mum she could be.. now don’t get me wrong we’ve had issues growing up but name one person who doesn’t argue with their mother. This leads me to my stepmum she is as much of an inspiration to me growing up wasn’t easy but this woman is wonderfully resilient and took us on even though we’re not her children. That’s pretty badass. This woman has fought breast cancer and won! she took everything in her stride and has come out the other side and you can see how incredibly strong this has made her.

To All the women reading this blog today. You are wonderful, beautiful, powerful creatures. Your souls and spirits are inspiring and full of warmth and love.

To my Daughter – Please be fierce, please be loyal, fill your heart with love and empower and build up all the women around you.


International womans day – May we know them, May we be them,  May we raise them.






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  1. Julie
    March 8, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Love this ❤

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