“Babies and Animals don’t mix” WRONG

“Babies and Animals don’t mix” WRONG

The blog is so late.. I’ve pretty much had to prize the laptop out of Adams hands. But I’ve got Ed Sheeran’s new album playing (its divine) and hot coco on the go so I’m ready.

So today i thought i’d write a blog on my biggest pet peeve. People trying to tell me i’m brave for having two fur babies and a tiny human.

So people might think this is an ‘odd’ post but its been strong in my heart since having Harper.. I’ll start at the beginning.

Lucifer – My best friend, my biggest baby and the fluffy dude who stopped me doing some very stupid things.. I bought him from this little pet shop when i was with an incredibly shitty excuse of a human but this little dude came into my life and i adored him. he had a broken hip and was just this tiny ball of helplessness much like a baby i suppose he needed me to do everything for him because he was so poorly. This if anything made our bond incredibly strong. Roughly 9 months later it was to become just me and him and no one else. I was the crazy cat lady who doted on this ginger fluff ball, but he kept me strong when i was so very ill. He’s so kind and the sweetest boy. When I met Adam i was leaving him a lot with my parents and you could tell it caused a strain on our bond because in his eyes I’m his life line and i wasn’t there. I was working all the hours in the day and then i was off to Portland. So i was a shitty cat mum and god did he make sure i knew it. Anyway now we’re finally all in our own home and my little dude is back. Anyone who knows the bug knows how loving my baby is.

So this leads me to the next baby

Lennox – My ‘Middle’ Child and god does she live up to the middle child syndrome. Before Harper was born she was the baby. Adam was at her beck and call I was a bit more strict.  she arrived in our lives on the 27th of August as a newborn puppy my mums dog gave birth to the most gorgeous litter of 5 puppies, 4 black puppies and my gorgeous little black and white girl. Now if you look at her shes not that puppy in the photos. Its mental to think shes even the same dog but i knew that day i loved her. she was different she was beautiful and at that time she completed our family but she was a terror. she decided if she could put it in her mouth she was going to. I’ll never forget the day she destroyed my parents brand new carpet.. I’m not even entirely sure they’ve forgiven her for it.

So this takes me to the main point of my blog i guess.                                                                             I’ve seen so many posts all over social media of pets for sale due to the birth of a baby, Some I do believe are genuine reasons but some of them you know just aren’t and they break my heart. Especially the free to a good home posts! These infuriate me you do not know who you are giving your once favourite baby to. Please if you HAVE to rehome your baby please do home checks. please ask for a small fee, donate it to charity if you must but PLEASE do not give your babies away without knowing who they are going to.

The thought of ever rehoming my babies makes me sick to my stomach I refused to move until we found somewhere that accepted our babies- They are so innocent, yes they test my patience but they’ve also gone through a massive life change. Lucifer never wanted to share me, if he has an opportunity to have me all to himself he takes it. Lennox never wanted to share me or her dad or even Lucifer but we made the decision they had to accept it and honestly it was the greatest decision we ever made. They love Harper passionately the bond between the three of them is the my biggest accomplishment being a fur and human mumma. If Lennox is playing with Harper and Lucifer thinks shes being too rough he lets her know and vice versa. If Harper’s stroking them and goes to grab their fur before I’ve even had a chance to pull her hands away they’ve moved away and placed their paws on her hand as to let her know that its enough and she stops. They have the most beautiful bond I’m so excited i get to watch them grow up all together.


My plea to anyone who’s about to have a human with furs please include them. please remind your furs they are so loved but they need to be patient. Please grow as a family.
So I guess I’m saying a massive Fuck you to anyone who says I am brave they’re my babies and my family and probably cause as much stress as someone with 3 children. I have 3 children just two of them have 4 paws. 


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