How to do a weekend away for less than £400.

How to do a weekend away for less than £400.

So last week i turned 23 (was definitely feeling the nobody likes you when you’re 23)

So Boyfriend and I went away for the first time since we’ve been together and since our daughter has been born (our relationship kind of happened at a million miles an hour so we never made that time)

Obviously being a young family money is tight but we were desperate for some ‘us’ time because its never really happened.

we decided back in September we were going to go to London so booked the hotel & Coach which came to about £90.

For Christmas my dad bought us tickets to the Potter Tour (anyone who knows me personally knows what a massive Potter fan i am) so thankfully that saved us £80.

so we dedicated to save £300 and people were like oh you wont be able to afford to do much because London is expensive (true but not if you’re thrifty)


First Day – Friday

when we got to London we decided to go see some museums they’re free and you can spend as much time in there as you like (as long as you can deal with a million school trips – i mean i know its educational but half of them don’t pay attention and just dedicate their day to standing in your way and screaming) we then decided to go onto Leicester Square ( An unlimited bus and tube ticket is £24.30 so we thought we’d made the most of that) once we had done all the tourist stuff our feet could take we headed back to Borehamwood. I’ve always stayed just outside of London because its cheaper. We got to the hotel and was like right time for food. we looked at the menu and thought nope far to expensive if we want to shop and enjoy our time & thankfully there was a tesco down the road so we grabbed a couple of meal deals and headed back to the hotel.

Second  Day – Saturday.

we headed into Watford. This is where my family is from so its just like going home for me. £12 for a 20 minute bus journey (Joys of London) Once again we decided to go into Tesco for lunch to save money. after hours of shopping – Boyfriend bought me the most beautiful ‘Promise’ ring for my birthday and exploring it was time for the Harry Potter Tour.£5 return for the shuttle bus to the tour Probably the cheapest transport cost of the weekend. We got to the tour and if you haven’t been please add it to the top of your bucket list it is one of the best experiences of my life after my daughter. As expected everything was SO expensive but most definitely worth the money. we spent less than what we had budgeted for the day. Once we got back to Borehamwood it was time to decide what to do for dinner. We didn’t want another Tesco’s i mean there’s only so many chicken Cesar wraps someone can handle. We were going to go to the pub but we realised  it would of cost more money so we found a KFC (Winning) so we went back to the hotel and monged out whilst watching match of the day.

Final Day – Sunday

Possibly the most hectic day of the whole weekend! Metro bus’ don’t take cash because they like to be complicated to we were like thank god our cards are contactless! We managed to make it into High Barnett in one piece our driver was a lunatic and the bus was smoking more than an old British pub. We finally made it in one piece and it was time to head to Camden (another £24.30 for the tubes) Camden was a nightmare for my boyfriend – hes not a massive fan of big crowds and people walking into him hes 6ft 5 so hes not used to being ‘invisible’ im 5ft 1 so im pretty used to being invisible, we had to cut our time in camden short (not until i bought the most amazing bag & purse though) & headed to Oxford street. He was in his element here it wasnt as busy and it was lots of shopping – time for food & Pret was todays choice i cant go to oxford street without going to Pret! after lots of shopping and absolutely freezing our butts off it was time to head home via costa of course!


Money Breakdown

Friday £50 -Food. Travel & Shopping

Saturday £150 – Food, Travel, Potter Tour & More shopping

Sunday -£100 – food, travel & shopping.


Who says you cant do a weekend away on a smaller budget?

See you next year London.





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