I’m sorry she’s just shy. The sentence I say around 50 times a week. Most kids I’ve met around Harpers age tend to have a little bit of shyness, it seems Harpers is at a… View Full Post

Its happened, I have a fussy toddler. When I envisioned having a child, I thought dinner times would be a doddle, fussy children are only other peoples children. I’m not going to have a fussy… View Full Post

So it’s been a little while since I sat down at my laptop for just a chit chat. I’ve had an unintentional social media detox and honestly. It’s been bliss. Last month I decided it… View Full Post

I’m a book worm there’s no two ways about it I’m always happiest with my head in a book, headphones in and closing the world out. When I first became pregnant with Harper I hoped… View Full Post

Since having Harper my hair has taken a battering, which when your body doesn’t look the same anymore it’s a bit of a kick in the tit when your hair starts falling out on you… View Full Post